The Escape Hunt Experience

Head back in time to the 1950’s. There’s been a MURDER and the Inside Gold Coast Detectives are hot on the case! With only one hour to solve the crime, can they do it?!

The Escape Hunt located in Southport is the Gold Coast’s only LIVE escape game! 

Players are put in a room and given one hour to use logic to uncover clues that will help them solve the mystery. 

We sent the Inside Gold Coast staff to give it a go…

Exterior: Southport 1950’s

Detectives Marleigh, Louisa and Janine walk the dark streets when they receive a call. 


“Yes, hello. Theres been a MURDER! Come to Escape Hunt immediately!”

The line goes dead. 

Interior: Southport Escape Hunt


Among the plush couches and tables covered in puzzles, a woman sits alone in an incredibly comfortable and stylish lounge room. 

“Theres been a murder” she said, as she sat trembling. “Just there down the hall!”

The Inside Gold Coast detectives walk down the hall securing all of their belongings in a locked basket. They don't want any distractions while they are solving this mystery. 

The woman opens a door to reveal a seemingly ordinary room. She says the bodies are gone, but they haven't found the missing murder weapon. Until they find the weapon, they wont be able to know who the killer is. 

The woman goes on to reveal a piece of paper. The first clue. She leaves it with the detectives, but it’s up to them to find the weapon. 

With only one hour until their time is up, the detectives get to work. Leaving no stone unturned, they have to crack codes and use logic to find the next clue. 

Using flashlights, mirrors, numbers, each others strong suits, and whatever else is available, the three detectives slowly start to uncover the clues. 

They think they have almost solved the mystery, but them a clue comes out of left field. What could it mean? Stumped, they racked their brains. When it seemed like all hope was lost, a voice came through the walls and guided the detectives to the next clue. 

Eureka! They were back on their way to cracking this case! 

Suddenly a murder note. Looks like someone was out for REVENGE but who, but why?

Several cryptic messages later and with two minutes and 17 seconds to spare, the detectives found the missing murder weapon and found out the killer was ____________!!!!!

Ha, like I would tell you! You’ll have to solve that mystery for yourself. 


Ditch the phone for an hour (it won’t kill you) and use your brain. You’ll feel incredibly accomplished when you use your critical thinking skills to achieve a goal. The hour flies by and the adrenaline of the hunt is a feeling that’s hard to come by now-a-days (damn you internet). Put your brain to the test! When you are finished, grab a costume, have your picture taken and add it to the Escape Hunt wall of fame! Relax and play some puzzles as you enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea in the comfy lounge and chat with your friends about your fun experience.

The Escape Hunt is the only attraction of it’s kind on the Gold Coast. 

Bring your friends and compete against the clock or each other to solve the mystery. 

Great for team building, what better way to bond with your co-workers than a little murder?

Think you’ve got the detective skills to solve the murder? Book your game today! 
We've got a discount coupon for you too! 

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By Marleigh Kelly