Randy Wallhole

Southport people, your time has finally come! 

You may have been feeling a bit left out of the coffee craze sweeping the Gold Coast, but as of two weeks ago, those days are over! 
Randy Wallhole has come to save the day!

Located in the CBD Randy Wallhole is the hottest spot to get your coffee fix on the Northern end of the Gold Coast. 

When owner Ty Kudla saw the for lease sign in the window on 21 Nind Street, he immediately jumped on the opportunity. He knew there was a void of good coffee shops and places to hang in Southport and he was just the guys to fill that void. 

With a background in design, and a knack for being one step ahead of the pack, Ty has come up with an Andy Warhol approved fit-out (Well I'm pretty sure he would approve if he were still around) and plenty of wacky (yet delicious) menu items.

The atmosphere is fun. Its a wild mix of generations that work well together. 

It’s undoubtedly retro vibe is sprinkled with toy items from the 90’s. Obviously owner Ty is a big kid at heart, and knows that a little nostalgia goes a long way. 

You can grab an old-school book and read it on the big orange couch. (#therandycouch) or pick up the paper and enjoy it on the patio. (If you are lucky you may just get the table with the giant lego head on it!)


From my fairly extensive Gold Coast coffee shop knowledge, I feel pretty good saying that they have the biggest bagel selection on the coast (score!)

And this isn't just some ordinary bagel collection, Ty and his team have tried and tested many recipes to bring you some awesome flavour combos.

Welcome, the Ruben. Swiss cheese, horseradish sauce, roast beef slices and pickles on a rye and sunflower seed bagel. So dang good!

They’ve also got your traditional bagel and lox. No frills just delicious.

But the big time winner was the Black and Yellow. A cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter, Nutella, banana and my personal favourite touch, pretzels. It’s pretty dense, so you will probably want to share. Or not, if you have a big fat sweet tooth. 


The most ingenious item on the menu was the moms special jafflel. Heinz canned spaghetti pressed inside buttered white bread to make a grade 7 concoction thats actually really, really good. I'm sure this would be Andy's favourite dish! 
They have other jaffels like ham and cheese, but why be ordinary when you can have a spaghetti one?!

Their muffin selection is yum too. I tried the mars bar muffin. mars bar chunks on top and moist chocolate cake beneath. If it wasn't 9am I would have eaten the entire thing, but I was trying to be good. I’ll definitely be back for another one!


If you are loving this blog but thinking to yourself, as fun as that all sounds, I don't eat canned spaghetti and candy bars, Im a super fit Gold Coaster and thats not on my approved hot body diet plan. Thats ok, they have some hot body approved items too. There are 3 salads on rotation, fruit cups and muesli cups too. 

But wait a second, Hot Bods - What about cheat day? You can get a cup of your favourite cereal like Fruit Loops or Coco Pops. You wont be committed to finishing the whole box if you get them from Randy! (YAAAS!!) Maybe even pull up your favourite cartoon on your phone for a super fun trip to Nostalgia Land! 

Oh and I’ve skipped the most important thing, their coffee. It’s delicious! The baristas really know what they are doing, the coffee is strong and smooth and came at a nice temperature. (I hate when my coffee is too hot and you have to wait to drink it)


So folks, if you are in the Southport area, stop in. If you are not in the Southport area, come in anyway.


Located at 21 Nind Street, Southport 

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By Marleigh Kelly