What is it? After checking out their website and reading about the mind blowing journey through aspectacular, futuristic maze-like world of wonder, and with quotes like “chemical free trip into other dimensions of your imagination that explodes your senses” I had to know more.

What exactly did all that mean?

With absolutley NO IDEA what to expect, I made my way to Surfers Paradise to check it out.

After checking in my bag and being advised to take my sunglasses off, they gave me slippers to put over my shoes and gloves for my hands. I felt like a complete dork!

Major dorks

Major dorks

As we walked up the stairs, I still wasn't totally sure what to expect. The safety video told us we needed to keep our hands in front at all times. 

I was growing curiouser and curiouser. It was time to enter this mysterious attraction!

BAM! Complete darkness. I wasn't ready for that. Lucky our hands and feet were glowing (Thank you dork gloves!) with the black lights, but they were our only vision. I guess wearing all black was a bad outfit choice! 

We stumbled around in the darkness until we landed in a tunnel. It’s hard to tell if there is a floor so it's a bit scary climbing in. Giggly and nervous we made our way though the tunnel until we found the next room, I'll call it the digital room.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the maze so here is a stock image! :)

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the maze so here is a stock image! :)

The digital room felt like being lost in the internet. With lights and mirrors twisting every which way, it’s a jumble of reflections twisting reality, it lets you look into infinity! (ah ha!)

It was here that I found why you must keep your hands in front of you at all times. When you think there is a path, it really may just be a wall. (yes, I walked into the wall)

It took longer than expected to find our way out but eventually after many attempts, we did.

When you are out of the digital room, you find yourself asking, how have they found so many ways to trick your senses? They reveal the answer in the next room, but I cant spoil the surprise! hehe

As we move on, lights and sounds and reflections make us contemplate what's real and what's an illusion. I began to feel as though my brain may be made of jelly beans but I liked it!

Another stock image!! Yeahhhhh!

Another stock image!! Yeahhhhh!


We hit the mazes with light and sound for a few rooms and then darkness again. As we searched for a way out, it looked bleak as the walls began to close in! “Get us out, get us out!” my friend screamed as the walls got ever closer! Dead end! We must turn around. Finally we find the hidden exit and are happy to escape into a room with lasers. As with most of the rooms, you have no idea where the room actually ends. Once again, I hit the wall. 

Somewhere along the maze there was a photo opp. With no where that says look here! The photos were absolutely ridiculous because we are looking in the wrong direction. Actually it’s just me that’s looking in the wrong direction…whatever I already told you my brain was made of jelly beans!

You can really see the jelly bean brain on this one... : / 

You can really see the jelly bean brain on this one... : / 


The mazes continued on and on. I thought to myself, surely this has to be the end, and time after time, it would keep going. (great value for the money!) I had wrongfully assumed that since it was a tourist attraction, it would be a few minute thrill and then come to an end. The two of us probably spent about 40 minutes in the maze. I’m sure with a bigger group there would be twice the laughs and excitement so you could easily stretch it to an hour. My advice is to take your time.

So I had solved the mystery of Infinity. It was a sensory explosion that made me unaware of space and time. An experience you can truly only understand if you experience it yourself. Which you should most definitely do because it’s super freakin' awesome! 

Check out Infinity Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm 

Chevron Renaissance Centre

3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd & Elkhorn Ave

Surfers Paradise

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By Marleigh Kelly