Moo Moo

What makes a good steakhouse?

Most of the time, steakhouses are pretty pricey, so what is the draw? Why are they worthy of all our hard earned cash? 

In my search to figure it out, I went to Moo Moo The Wine Bar and Grill in Broadbeach. If you haven't heard of Moo Moo, actually, everyone has heard of Moo Moo. Never mind... 

Anyway, It’s full of suits, the Gold Coast’s well to-do, and people celebrating. It’s not the average Joe’s place to grab a bite. 

Although it’s an honour to be thought of as a “special occasion spot” Moo Moo has recently undergone a million dollar makeover, upgraded it’s menu and thus has widened it’s reach. 

When I heard Moo Moo was undergoing a million dollar makeover, I was wondering why. I had been to Moo Moo before and thought it was still lookin’ pretty good, plus it's at the top of it's game. What’s the need for the change?


Owner Steven Adams has proved himself as a forward thinker and visionary over the last decade. First with the introduction of Moo Moo to Broadbeach, then to Brisbane and now with this makeover. It’s people like Mr. Adams who push for change and ultimately move our small city forward and are helping shape it into one of Australia’s hottest dining destinations. With the upgrade to the old (but still nice) decor, Adams has put Moo Moo on par with NYC’s and other major cities hottest steakhouses. 

Here’s how.

Upon entering Moo Moo I was surprised by the decor. It was sleek and edgy. Something usually reserved for the nightclub/lounge bar scene. A lot sexier than I would have imagined for a steakhouse, I was picturing the traditional dark oak and hunter green leather. (This is the Gold Coast. I should have known better. Sexy is what we do!) The only thing traditional about this makeover were the white table cloths, wine cellar and cozy leather chairs that made you wanna stay a while.

Not much has changed with the layout. It’s the same and still fantastic. It’s got the alfresco dining area and bar that over looks the park as well as the elevated dining platform and private seating. It’s the kind of floor plan that can accommodate any mood. 

Big circular light fixtures hung from the ceiling like futuristic clouds. By the end of the lunch they had been turned on and illuminated with a neon red lining.  Chain link curtains separated general dining from the private room and slate tiles covered the floor.

The most eye catching and exciting addition was the dry ageing cabinet. Located near the open kitchen. It was glass with pink UV lights that illuminated the primal hunks of delectable meat. 

This dry ageing cabinet accelerates the ageing process while preserving the flavour. The end result is buttery, tender and juicy. More to come on that! 


Since Moo Moo is more of a dining experience, I figured I should really capitalise on this, and have a long, relaxing and over indulgent lunch.

I started with Heritage Beetroot. One of the most beautiful dishes I have ever eaten, and delicious too. Complete with green raisins, buttermilk curd, almonds, and smoked tahini, it was an unexpected and palate pleasing combination.

The next dish was one that sticks with you. I have been thinking about it all week. The Bang Bang Duck Chopped Salad. Prepared table side, this spicy duck salad is a dish that will have you coming back over and over again. (In fact, I may have it for lunch today!) Both entrees were enjoyed with a glass of La Vielle Ferme Rosé.

My main course was the Moo Moo in-house dry aged Rib Eye On Bone. It was massive and served on a wooden plank with 3 mustards, a jus and horseradish. The edges were slightly crispy and the top was seared. The inside was tender and buttery. It was delicate but still with the robustness you would hope for in a steak. On the side were wagyu fat fries topped with course salt and heirloom salad. The salad had mozzarella, the cool, fresh and colourful tomatoes and the saltiness was provided by capers. It was simple and delicious. This meal was paired with a Wirra Wirra Shiraz, it was a lovely combo.


I’m not done yet! For dessert I had a pot of tiramisu and a cappuccino. The tiramisu was a fantastic conundrum; rich and delicate, sweet and savoury. Desserts are not usually so complex. It was an absolute treat to try something with so much range.


So you are reading this and thinking, well steak isn't my thing. Hell, maybe meat in general isn't your thing. That’s ok. At Moo Moo they have heaps of things to please. 

Vegetarian options, gluten free, shared plates, steaks starting at $29.

They also have a 2 course lunch menu with a welcome drink for $45 p/p and a 3 course for $55 p/p.

The food is outstanding, the decor is unlike any other restaurant in town, there is a dish for any type of eater, and a price point to fit most budgets.


It’s a win-win, people!



Moo Moo - Broadbeach on the Park, 2685 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach 


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By Marleigh Kelly