Crafted Coast Tour Co

Crafted Coast Tour Co, You probably haven't heard of it because it’s brand new!

Something you probably are hip to, is the craft beer trend thats spreading through the coast like wild fire. 

With all the buzz around the brewery scene lately, the summer drawing to an end, and my general love of beer, I thought it would be a good idea to see what Crafted Coast Tour Co had to offer to scratch my beer fix itch.

When planning how I was going to get my drink on, the first thing that came to mind was how was I going to get around? Drinking and driving is bad. I needed a driver. 

I wanted to know why hiring a tour company would be any better than grabbing an Uber. I started to weigh my options then quickly thought “to hell with it, let's support local business and give this tour a shot!”

I’m really happy I did. Crafted Coast offers something Uber can’t. An instant friend/local guide with a fun itinerary that (within reason) can be changed on the fly. 


Our tour guide Andrew picked us up promptly at noon and took us down to Black Hops Brewery in Miami. They aren't open yet, but we got a cheeky little peek at whats to come. Co-owner Eddie showed us around the brewery and gave us a taste of their hit brew, Beach House. 

I’m jumping the gun by saying this so early, but Beach House was my favourite brew of the day. Great job Black Hops! One of the best things about Black Hops was the location. Just two blocks off the Gold Coast Highway in Miami and right around the corner from Burleigh Social House, in about 3 weeks, prepare to have this be your new favourite spot to stop in and fill your growler! 

We made our way south to Burleigh Brewing Co. It’s not new, but it’s a Gold Coast favourite and has recently opened in a new location. It's a huge industrial space with a modern feel. They have fantastic beers, truly fantastic. My top picks were the HEF and Peach Saison! 

Burleigh Brewing is a little out of the way, located in the Burleigh Waters warehouse district, but with Crafted Coast behind the wheel, that’s not a problem!


Our next stop was somewhere with Balter XPA on tap. Balter isnt open yet, but their beers are all over town. With all the buzz about Balter and it's famous surfer owners Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, as well as their master brewer Scott Hargrave, I was dying to check out what the fuss was about. So we headed to one of Andrews favourite spots, the Rainbow Bay SLSC.

One of the nice things about Crafted Coast was that Andrew made it a point to show us his favourite spots to grab a beer, and this was one of them.

As I said before, you instantly gain a friend on this tour. Andrew joined us (with a water) and explained the differences in the beers, the history of the area and why it was one of his favourite spots. I brought a guest from America with me and she absolutely loved the local touch Andrew brought to tour and the conversation. At one point she even told Andrew “I’m so glad you don't just go sit and wait for us to be done, you bring a whole new element to the day and I really love it.”  (And I don't think that was the beer talking!).


On down the road on the Crafted Coast “locals favourite” tour was Eddies Grub House. No argument from me, I had been here not long ago to try the food and loved it. (Check out just how good it was on this blog) I also think they play the best music of any restaurant on the coast. My ears really love it here! Andrew was right, they had a nice selection of local beers. It was a fun spot to chill! We were only supposed to have a beer but couldn't resist and had a burger too. The tour comes with an optional beach BBQ for lunch, but the smell of those burgers frying on charcoal was too much to resits. 


It was getting late, but we were all in agreement that maybe one more Black Hops couldn't hurt. We headed to Lester and Earl in Palm Beach. Andrew assured us it was a Crafted Coast top pick for good beers and good views. 

It’s decked out in Western American flair and has a pretty impressive lineup of local beers on tap. 

Although it does have a second story deck with great views, we went for the green velvet vintage couch. Sat for a spell, enjoyed our Black Hops and headed home. 

As I said earlier about gaining a friend, Andrew stayed with us the whole time, gave us so many fun facts about the coast and thew in some folklore too. Did you know according to Aboriginal tales, when you hear the black cockatoo it will rain within three days?!

Another reason using Crafted Coast Tour Co kicked Uber’s butt was that we were on our own schedule. Andrew was happy to stay as long or as little as we liked. He was our cruisy local guide who's main mission was to show us a good time and keep us safe on the road.


We did a “Local’s Favourite” tour, but Crafted Coast has several to choose from ranging in price. 

Crafted Coast is happy to make a customised tour, or join in on one of their existing ones like a Brewery tour that starts at your place, takes you to Byron and brings you home! The options are virtually endless. 

So the next time you are looking for a day out, want someone to show you around, or want to show someone else around, keep Crafted Coast Tour Co in mind. 

It’s a blast! 


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By Marleigh Kelly