Happy 5th Birthday Stingray!

At Inside Gold Coast, we LOVE birthdays and we LOVE Stingray Bar!


So with all our big Golden heart, we wish Stingray Bar and Lounge the happiest 5th birthday and many more to come! 


In honour of one of the Gold Coasts hottest and most sophisticated bars we want to highlight just what makes Stingray Bar and Lounge so great!


The Decor

This California inspired industrial chic / mid century modern fit out is super flash! Like a bar out of “Entourage” this is the perfect place to see and be seen! Girls, throw on your sexiest cocktail dress, and boys, dress to impress, no bogan attire allowed! 

Man Tea

One of the best things to happen on the coast for the fellas, this “High Tea for Gents” is genius. 

Not much is better than settling in with the boys for a well deserved drink except settling in for a well deserved drink with some good eats and a great atmosphere. 

Man Tea is a one of a kind experience and is only available at Stingray Bar and Lounge. 

Click here for our extensive review


Taco Tuesday

Aye Yai Yai!! Señors and Señoritas ven rapido! Stingray Bar and Lounge is dishing up tres tacos de dólar el martes! 
Ok, ok, enough with my broken California Spanish! What I’m trying to say is- Hey hey hey!! Gentlemen and Ladies come quick! Stingray Bar and Lounge is dishing up three dollar tacos on Tuesdays! 
You know you want it!


Tequila Appreciation Night

You heard me, Tequila Appreciation Night. Now, that doesn't mean you still wont get a little messy, it only means you’re going to do it in a more sophisticated and educated way. 
Yay for learning and drinking! 
(Kinda reminds me of my uni days but way classier!) 


If you didn’t get a chance to celebrate with Stingray last night, Check out their 5 shades of stingray bash in the photos below!


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