Treetop Challenge - Canyon Flyer

“So you're going to run and jump off that cliff.” our guide Goose said casually. 

The rest of us exchanged confused looks, but one by one and wild-eyed we went screaming off the side of Mount Tamborine. 

But let me start at the beginning…

“Ok right leg in this hole, left leg in this one, pull this over your shoulders and I’ll do the rest. Oh and you can bring your phone, but at your own risk.” Michael aka Rubber Ducky said with a big grin as he strapped us into our harnesses. 

“Alright this way!” Lochie, better known as Goose, said as he grabbed the keys to the ute and walked out the door. 

Following awkwardly to the car covered in the cumbersome straps, we loaded in. Rubber Ducky turned around and said “Better buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” flashing that grin again. 

We Headed up the side of Mount Tamborine while getting a brief and informative history of the Scenic Rim from Goose. “Aaaand we’re here” he said as he stopped the car at platform in the middle of the woods. 

We stood on the platform overlooking the vast rainforest. “Ok Rubber Ducky, take it away!” Goose said. “So who's done a zip line before?” Rubber Ducky said. Crickets when he looked for an answer. “No big deal. So first things first. We are going to have a safety briefing.”  Rubber Ducky took us through the do’s and the don'ts of hurling through the rainforest at speeds of up to 80kph. Pretty standard stuff…


I was up first. A double set of cables hooked me to the zip line and a double lock system insured that if one strap were to fail, the other would keep me safe. 

I walked up a wooden plank to the second platform where I would launch from. Both straps in place and hands in position, I leapt off the platform and went soaring through the forest. The friction on the line made a loud hum as I went whizzing past the trees. Not knowing where to look I looked everywhere. Down, up, sideways, the views were spectacular from such astonishing heights; and with that speed, It’s the closest to being a bird that I may ever get. 

In a few longer than expected seconds the first line was over and I went hurling towards the next platform with a loud scream and giggle! 


“Well done!” Rubber Ducky said as he pulled me up onto the platform and hooked me onto the security line. 

“All clear” he radioed to Goose on the other end of the zip. A moment later the line started to hum as the next guy, Callum, came into view. “That was amazing” Callum proclaimed as he made his way onto the platform. Another cheeky call into the radio and Goose was on his way. 

We made our way through the woods to the next one. Each line had something slightly different to the others. “Skull Crusher” was next. Before we started our zip Goose yelled out “SNAKE BREAK!!!” putting me into a panic! No way was I wanting to deal with a snake out here in the rainforest miles from civilization! Thankfully it was only a gummy snake break! (Which also happens to be one of my favourite lollies!)

A few snakes later and we were ready to have our skulls crushed. Locked in, and we were off. 

Zooming past the branches the wind pulled my face back making my already large smile enormous! Skull Crusher also had a “fast stop” making it really fun. The thrill (or anxiety) of thinking you were about to slam into a tree was almost as fun as whizzing through the air on the line!

A brief walk up a hill we made it to a cliff. “So you're going to run and jump off that cliff” our guide Goose said casually. 

The rest of us exchanged confused looks. At this point we hadn't done anything from the ground. 

“It’s easy, I mean you can walk if you want, but thats not the way the last group did it.” he said teasingly. So one by one and wild eyed, we went screaming off the side of Mount Tamborine. As I watched my feet leave the ground I felt like atrue adventurer. Running without caution, trusting that this tiny steel rope in the middle of the forrest would hold and carry me off through the forest and to the other platform. 

As I watched the creek below through the treetops, I couldn't hold back my excitement. I let out a big yell and then was back at the next platform. 


The next line was the “trick line” It was only a few meters long and didn't have much of a slope so it was the perfect spot for all of us to show off our skills. 

Goose went first wowing us with an upside down line. Callum followed also going upside down. I was next trying out a spin, and then Rubber Ducky showed us all how to do “The Salmon” he jumped off the platform without hesitation and flopped like a fish out of water all the way across the line. 


When we got to our last zip we took one more snake break. As we chewed our snakes Goose said “Hey guess what?! We’ve got one more surprise for you!” “What is it?” I asked. You'll just have to see." he said through a smile as he hooked me on the last line. 

Off I went. When I made it to the platform the first thing out of my mouth was “Where’s the surprise?!” “Give it a minute and you’ll see” Rubber Ducky Said

Callum zipped over and said “OOOOH is that the surprise??” “YEP!” Rubber Ducky said. 

I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, so I’ll end the story there. You can find out for yourself at Treetop Challenge


7 zip lines and 100 laughs later, my day at Treetop Challenge- Canyon Flyer was done. 

It was an amazing buck-list experience that was well worth the time and money! 

Goose and Rubber Ducky were a hilarious duo, and the forest was stunning. In my opinion, this is one of the most adrenaline-charged things to do on the Gold Coast! 


By Marleigh Kelly

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