A trip to Tamborine Mountain

Why would you ever want to break away from the crystal clear waters of the Gold Coast beaches?   
Is the hinterland really worth leaving the golden sand?
Well if you've heard of the green behind the gold slogan, you'll know that there is certainly something to explore. So it's time to get your Dora on.

Inside Gold Coast has put together a go-to day trip as told by five Tamorbine locals! 


First of all, the drive to Tamborine is a treat in itself. Where there isn't rolling green farmland, there are lush tropical rainforest canopies hanging over the twisting road up the mountain. For anyone new to this kind of terrain, it's exciting and enchanting. As a matter of fact, enchanting is probably the best word to describe the entire mountain. It's got a European feel with great wineries and views of the Gold Coast. 

Now you must be wondering what to do on a trip to Tamborine...

As all good days begin, start with a coffee. Le Chile Cafe is a gorgeous place to sip a latte as you sit on the deck surrounded by vibrant flowers overlooking the charming Gallery Walk. Take your time to sit and relax, and bask in the fact you got a carpark!

As you yourself stroll down Gallery Walk be sure to stop in all of the galleries and shops that are packed full of local souvenirs and treats. From antique stores to the Cuckoo Clock Nest there are interesting things to see behind every door on gallery walk! Personally, I don't know how someone could work in a cuckoo clock shop all day, it would literally drive me cuckoo, but it's great for a visit and very hard to walk away without thinking I need one to complete my home.


Ready for lunch? Cedar Creek Estate and Winery has one of the best lunches on the Mountain and is also the locals choice for the best place to have a glass of wine (as I was informed several times)! The deck overlooking its serene private lake makes it one of the most relaxing spots for lunch. Plus there is tons to do at Cedar Creek. Send the kids off to the Glow Worm Tour while you treat yourself to a wine tasting in their beautiful tasting room! (And we have a coupon!) The kids will learn fun facts like 'Did you know that glow worms aren't even worms?' and 'Only the female ones glow.'. Ok, so I learned it, I thought they were awesome facts.
If you want to stay close to Gallery Walk, Mount Tamborine Winery is also a great choice to enjoy a glass of vino! 


Keeping the boozy theme going here, Fortitude Brewery is making some of the best beer around! Pop in for a sample and also check out the cheese factory while you are there.
Beer and cheese! Does it get any better?! Maybe wine and cheese, but we've already done that.

When its time to get outside, Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pool is the local’s favourite swimming hole (not to be confused with Cedar Creek Estate and Winery), these rock pools are fed by waterfall! Though you will have to make a short trek into the forest, it’s well worth the hike. Don't be in a hurry though, the rainforest is also beautiful in itself. 

Palm Grove is the favourite walking spot. The 2.5k walk features breathtaking rainforest scenery around every corner. One local suggests taking the walk at dusk so you can see the glow worms on the roots of the trees! You'll need a torch for walking back though. Walking in the dark in a rainforest is not that fun. SES Rescue will not be impressed with your glow worm story then.

When dinner rolls around 5 out of 5 locals say George's Paragon is the place to be. Although George’s is not exclusive to the Mountain, it's long been a Gold Coast favourite!

The Polish Place is a good spot to check out too and serves a lovely dinner on Saturday nights! (coupon) If you're into your hearty European meals, this is for you. Their signature dish is roast duck with cherries (serves 2). Sounds like it would be a winner with a couple of Polish beers.


Lastly, for unforgettable views, Eagle Heights Mountain Resort has a garden seating area with sweeping views of the Coast likely to take your breath away. Stop in for a relaxing night cap as you watch the lights from the high rises on the coast twinkle softly in the distance. (It's nice during the day too!) Little fun fact, is that it was originally Mel Gibson's house, but he never completed it. Now we're all really thankful there's a pub here.


With Tamborine Mountain under an hour away, you would be crazy not to take advantage of all it has to offer! 

By Marleigh Kelly

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