Have you ever dreamed of flying? Silly question, of course you have! 

But did you ever think you could actually do it? Yeah, me neither. 

Good news, YOU CAN! It's totally possible at iFLY in Surfers Paradise! Better news, ITS SUPER FREAKIN' FUN!

Walking the Surfers Paradise Boulevard, you might notice people staring up in awe from the street at a giant glass window. Through the window, you'll see people flying! It's a simple marketing trick of monkey see monkey do, that had been running up the stairs a few seconds later. Once inside, you are met with a standard safety waiver, blah blah blah, so sign that and get going. Once you turn the corner, there it is, your portal to the ultimate Peter Pan fun time (minus the fairy dust)!!!! A big glass tunnel with blowing winds up to 170kph that allow you to experience the rush of flying! (insert choir sounds and bright lights)

When viewing this tube you are standing in the viewing gallery. This is a really fun place to be because you can watch as others have a turn flying. This is cool for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s nice because you get a view of what others are doing before you try it for yourself. As for me, I tried my hardest to pick up what was working and what wasn't working when I was watching the sessions and tried to apply that when it was my turn to fly.
  2. It's really funny to watch other people make fools of themselves too.

To get started, I was taken in a room by my instructor Oliver, where we watched an instructional video. After the video, Oliver showed me all the movements I would need to remember during my flight and explained the reasoning behind each movement. (I liked this, explain something with science or numbers and I’m hooked!) We also went over the hand signals we would be using for communication since it’s too loud to talk in the wind tunnel.

(Note: I tried to talk in the tunnel and got drool all over my face. Gross. Stick to the signals.)

Next we got suited up. Full-body jumpsuits, earplugs, helmets and goggles had us looking supa-fly!! We were ready to iFLY

With my allotted flight time, Oliver and I decided it was best that I break my flight time into smaller sessions. This way I could get a feel for what was happening in the tunnel, come out, evaluate how I did, try and evaluate again, then go for one longer flight using all my previously gained knowledge. (Really Oliver decided, he was the brains of this operation.)

We walked over to the wind tunnel (just like Goose and Maverick did in their jumpsuits), then Oliver opened the door and we both stepped inside the waiting area. 

Oliver reminded me one more time of the proper way to enter the tunnel, toes to the edge of the platform, hands in the air, deep breath, and lean in. 

In I went! It was a strange sensation being held by the wind. Something invisible being strong enough to hold me up. Feeling my weight against something that is weightless in it self. (SCIENCE B*TCH!)

The slightest movement and your total composition would change. I did my best to remember what I had learned in training and to follow Oliver's instructions. Within seconds I was flying on my own! 

It was extremely exciting! I wanted to zoom around and work on my best Peter Pan moves, but for safety reasons I held back my urges and stuck to the instructions. 

After round one and my evaluation I went in for round two. Perhaps I was overly confident, but I didn't do as well the second round. I did a bit of a flop, but once I relaxed a bit and focused on Oliver’s instructions I was back at it!

On the 3rd go I did a lot of solo flying. I was comfortable enough that I could think about my movements and then move with purpose. By the end of it I was hooked!

For the grand finale Oliver showed off some of his tricks. He was really good! Flipping and spinning; he made it look easy! And then I got to join him and together we took a spin to the top of the tunnel! This was my favourite part! We spun fast and moved up and down the tunnel quickly! That was the Peter Pan moment I had been waiting for! It’s an extra ten bucks to fly to the top of the tunnel but TOTALLY worth it! 

Watch the super cool video of my flight! 


There hasn't been anything I’ve experienced that I can compare to the feeling of iFLY. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind thrill. 

With very few restrictions on who can fly, iFLY is an activity good for the whole family!

Open Sunday - Thursday 9:00am - 10:30pm and Friday - Saturday 9:00am - 11:30pm at 3084 Surfers Paradise Blvd in the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

Oh, and hey, here's a discount COUPON :)

By Marleigh Kelly

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