Lush Coffee Lounge

There is a coffee shop on the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach that with the tiniest bit of imagination could be located in the heart of a huge metropolitan city! Yes, yes another coffee shop in Mermaid Beach. So why is this one different? Lush Coffee Lounge, adjacent to Lush Hair and Beauty has good coffee, tasty treats, and an optical illusion view that will take you a million miles away.


Again, with so many fantastic coffee shops in the area, the big question is what makes this coffee shop better than the others?

In my opinion, the answer is variety and originality. With Lush Hair and Beauty next door, you can grab a coffee, get your nails, hair or make up done and you can even book an augmentation in Thailand (it's the Gold Coast, people do that you know)!

I cant think of another coffee shop that offers lattes with a side of boob job, can you?!


All jokes aside, the coffee here is wonderful. They get their beans from Paradox Coffee Roasters which has proven to be delicious time and time again, their tasty treats come from BKRY and their teas from CHA Tea. Locals know all these goodies coming from The 4217 are phenomenal, and for those of you who didn't know, anything from The 4217 is being hailed well beyond the Gold Coast vicinity. It's so great to now see cafes using local produce, something even 5 years ago you would have struggled to find.


So back to Lush, firstly, the fit-out is simply gorgeous. It’s charming, tasteful and the large metropolitan print behind a faux window makes it feel like you have stepped away from our golden sands and made your way to a huge city. Although it’s hard to imagine wanting to leave the Gold Coast, I’ll admit, it was a nice to have a change of scenery, even if it were only for a moment. 

It’s got a nice mix of feminine and masculine qualities as well. The walls are a mix of marble and concrete and the large wrap around wooden bench is made of old pallets. The pallets are topped with dainty pastel pink pillows. Edison bulbs shine from industrial pipes and wire frames casting a nice warm glow across the lounge. It’s the perfect mix of what he wants and what she wants. 


Moving on from the eye-catching decor, let’s talk about the two most important items on the menu. Nutella Latte (sent straight from Heaven to Lush) and the fresh donuts topped sweet buttercream icing and then topped again with stuff like smarties, caramel popcorn, Oreos and chocolate. Just to name a few…

They serve many more tempting items including juices, all day breakfasts featuring jaffles, granola, tarts, croissants and fruit. Wraps, salads and desserts. But I mean, they have donuts so why bother with all that other stuff? Amirite?!

Their signature item is a paddle with THREE donuts and a large coffee for only $15! You can share, but why would you?


I’ve saved the most important thing for last.
I usually make it to work on time by a minute. Literally. Every second counts in the wee hours of the morning.
There is nothing I hate more than stopping at a coffee shop and realising that everyone else on the Gold Coast also decided to stop at the same cafe. I also don't like to wait more than 5 minutes for a coffee (princess much?). Every now and then that 5 minutes turns to 15 and with little time to spare, I’m late to work (not cool).

Lush is revolutionising the Gold Coast coffee scene by adding a walk up window, and a text ahead order line. OMG OMG YES YES YES!! 

The window is already in, and the text ahead is scheduled to be working in the next 2 weeks.

Think about it, you walk up, don't even need to go inside, and your coffee is there waiting. No, it's not a dream, this is the REAL DEAL!!!! Also good for when those sweet, delicious doughnuts start staring at you, and beg for you to take them with you. I hate it when they do that.

Honestly, it seems co-owners Drew and Sarah have thought of it all. 

Text in orders, walk up window, locally sourced food and coffee and any kind of beauty treatment. 
Girls, grabbing a coffee with the ladies just got that much better! Whoooo!

You need to be sure you treat yourself to this one of a kind coffee shop asap!

Open Wed- Mon from from 7am - 3pm and located at 2570 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach


By Marleigh Kelly


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