St Patrick's Day - Gold Coast Style!

Shamrock glasses, green beer, Guinness, and everybody's favourite corned beef and cabbage; Today is St. Patty’s Day and we’ve got the lineup of where you can unleash your inner leprechaun and drink your green beer!

Originally St Patricks day consisted of a feast and a religious ceremony honouring the Irish heritage and St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland (who, as legend has it, drove all the snakes out of Ireland).

As the years go on, the old traditions fade and the new traditions replace them- like drinking green beer, kissing strangers, getting hammered, and eating corned beef and cabbage. St. Patty becomes less known for snakes and more known as the toast before the car bomb. (For those of you out of the car bomb loop, you drop a shot of Baileys in a pint of Guinness and then chug. You have to chug right away or it will curdle. I know it sounds gross, but it tastes like adult chocolate milk and is AMAZING!!!…You’re welcome!).  Anyway, from the fiddlers to the endless potatoes, we love all things Irish and can’t wait to stain our teeth green with you all tonight as we toast to the Irish and their pot of gold! 

Here’s where you might find us:

D’Arcy Arms-

Every St Patricks Day Darcy Arms pulls out all the stops to throw one hell of a shindig! This year inside and on their brand-new outdoor deck, they’ve got food from 9am, live entertainment from 10am to Midnight (Prepare your Irish step dancing moves!), and prize for best dressed. If you don't already know, this place gets PACKED on St Patty’s day so if you wanna eat, make sure you make a reservation! 
07 5592 0822 - 2923 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise 

Waxy’s Irish Pub

Home of the $2 steak and a Surfers party-time staple, Waxy’s is sure to be poppin! 
Bands all day, $10 Irish meals (bring on the corned beef!), green beer, prizes for best dressed and all day giveaways, the party will be on both levels of the building and spill into the laneway. Perhaps we should all make ourselves a good old fashioned Irish wager and see who can take the most Jameson shots!! -Have you had a Jameson and pickle juice shot yet?! - Don't knock it till you try it! 

07 5526 7655 - 3206 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise


One day of partying isn't enough for the folks over at O'Malley’s. These die hards have been partying all week and the party won't stop until the 20th! 
They’ve even upgraded their menu to include a heap of Irish meals like Irish lamb stew, Guinness deconstructed pie, bangers and mash and a Guinness hotdog; yes you read that right, a Guinness hotdog! The band starts at 5pm today, so throw on your green wig and get there! 

07 5570 4075 - 1 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

Fiddler’s Green

Good ole' Fiddler’s Green. Music starts at 4pm but you can belly up to the bar for a Baileys and coffee as early as 10am. They are giving away prizes all day so get there early. Besides, the Irish always say, “You cant drink all day if you don't start in the morning!”. 

07 5538 9122 - 30 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

Hard Rock Cafe

$10 for wings and green beer. Need I say more?
Actually, yes I should! It’s their anniversary this weekend so they have a ton of cool stuff going on. Read about it HERE

07 5539 9377 - Corner of Cavill Ave & Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

Landsdowne Road

Irish Music, Irish Dancers, Irish Beer, in the words of Jan Brady - Irish, Irish, Irish!! 
Get your Irish on from 10am! 

07 5531 5599 - 3240 Gold Coast Highway, Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise

Night Quarter

For all you responsible people who save the partying for the weekend, the luck of the Irish is shining on you this year. In true Irish fashion Night Quarter is late with their celebration so there is another chance to revel in the festivities! Green beer, pipe bands, Irish dancers and food are all on schedule for Friday night. 

With luck like that, I suggest you go ahead and buy a lottery ticket too. (Winner has to split the $ with me)

Read about when we went to Night Quarter HERE

1800 264 4481 Town Centre Drive, Helensvale 


Whatever you end up doing just remember, “Many a time a mans mouth broke a mans nose!”. So be careful out there, have fun, and HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!!!

By Marleigh Kelly

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