The lights flicker, red, yellow, green! vroom and we are off. Speeding past the first corner, I’m in the lead, uh oh, number 2 is creeping up from behind. OOOOH and he slips past! I’ve got the pedal to the floor, he's going down! 3, 2, 1 big slide around the outside and I’m back in first place. These other guys don't have a chance! Go ahead and pop the champagne, that trophy is mine! 

So I’m exaggerating, but I did feel like a champion when I visited Slideways Go Karting World

There are several locations but I went to the track in Pimpana. It was HUGE it had several tracks to choose from. As I took a look around the welcome area, I grew more and more excited as my eyes floated over all the trophies and race karts on display. I was ready to roll! 

I started on the dirt speedway track. I suited up into a bright orange jumpsuit, chucked on a helmet, and buckled in to my kart. The engine started, and I was off! Slowly…like a little scaredy cat I putted around the track slow as a snail. I would slowly increase my speed and thought I was doing ok until another driver hopped on the track and gave me a taste of what these carts can really do! VROOOM he went speeding past me. Sliding around the corners, dirt flying, I was literally eating his dust. Watching his speed and the big smile he got from sliding around the curves was just the confidence boost I needed. I saw that not only did he not crash and burn going that fast, it was really fun! 

I picked up my speed. I held that steering wheel so tight as I went around that first curve. I was fast, but not fast enough. The other guy was still lapping me. My competitiveness kicked in and I wanted to at least give him run for his money. I picked up the pace, teeth clenched, holding on to the steering wheel for dear life, I hit that next corner like I knew what I was doing. Then BOOM, there it was, the SLIDE! Teeth went from clenched to mouth gaping open with a large scream coming out! AAAAAAHHHHH I yelled as I drifted around that corner. I fish tailed back to straight then picked up the pace again. I was hooked, I had the need for speed!! We went round and round, my confidence increasing with each lap, by the end of the race I was feeling pretty good about my karting skills! 

The dirt track may be a bit dusty, but whats so great about it is you can race in the rain!! It wasn't raining on my visit, but I’m defiantly going back specifically on a rainy day. Mud racing sounds like the best way to spend a wet day to me!

Now that I was on my way to being a professional racer, I couldn't wait to test my skills on theEuropean styled Nürburgring track. Helmet and engine on, I bolted out of the pit. This track was so smooth compared to the dirt track. I glided with ease around each corner. 
I had gotten the hang of this, I was ready for a real race. petal to the metal I zipped through the course. 
The kart is capable of speeds up to 70kph. I didn't make it to top speed, but I was flying! I would hold on and lean with each turn really testing the limits of this cart. When I reached what I thought to be my top speed I came slidng around a corner then SMACK! I went crashing right into the side wall. Earlier in the day I had expected if I did crash I would be done and over it. Nope, one little crash couldn't get me down, I was ready to roll. Immediately a team member straightned out my cart, said “off you go!” and off I went. Round and Round faster and faster I enjoyed every racing second until it was over. As I pulled into the pit my heart was racing and my adrenaline was through the roof! Although it was a bit scary at first, Slideways ended up being one of the best activities I’ve ever done! I tell you what, I could have raced all day! 

The facilities have tracks for all ages and adrenaline levels. Sideways Go Karting World is defiantly a place the whole family can enjoy!