More Golf and Fitness

I took a swing at More Golf and Fitness this week (pun intended!) and had a great time!

New to the scene, More Golf and Fitness is the Gold Coast’s premier indoor golf venue complete with its very own fitness studio!

I walked in not knowing what to expect. I hadn't been to an indoor golf venue before. Previously when thinking of golfing I would think of tee times, how long it takes to play a round, and how subject you are to weather. Basically, a lot of planning for one round of golf!

I met with co-owner Brent Stevens, what he explained was that at More Golf and Fitness, the pressure of time and weather doesn't exist. Nice Huh?!

From there he showed me the lay of the land. The the front of the venue is a beautiful oak bar stocked with all the goods because they are fully licensed! (Whats golf without the option to have a beer am I right?!)

We moved past the bar to the Golf Simulators. Private bays held floor to ceiling screens with high quality projectors projecting images of the worlds best courses. In front of the screens were the greens where you tee off. Surrounding the bay were high def cameras, an essential part of the whole operation (more to come).

The software used at More Golf and Fitness has countless options for courses to play. Once you pick a course, you have to option to pick what condition you would like to play in; rain, wind, sun, the choice is yours! Or, you can simply opt for a the driving range. 

After Brent had chosen one of the worlds best courses for me to play, I grabbed a club, lined up the ball. Swing! The real ball hit the screen and the motion detecting cameras picked up my movements and sent the ball flying through the course accordingly. 

What was so neat about this, was that after each swing the cameras would send your data to the computer that would then register the movement and calculate the statistics of your swing with incredible accuracy. I learned I hit the ball at a whopping 34mph and needed to work on straightening my swing. 

Brent’s turn. He whacked that ball so hard I thought it would tear right though the screen! (that wont happen) Brent’s stats were very impressive, but as he showed me, there is always room for improvement. So if any of you looking to improve your golf game, this is the place to go! By the way, you can also get golf lessons here from other owner and Australian PGA member Corey Taylor.

I digress, so after a fun and educational round of golf Brent showed me the fitness portion of More Golf and Fitness. The back of the venue has a fitness studio that holds several classes a week. Using mostly bodyweight exercises, Brent uses this space to turn his clients into lean mean workout machines! 

Not only is More Golf and Fitness is a spectacular place to pop in for a session at the driving range, or to show off your skills on the worlds best courses, it’s also a phenomenal choice for bucks parties and corporate gatherings! 

Their next big event is the League of Legends. If you think you have what it takes to win on the worlds most renowned courses, head over to the More Golf and Fitness website for more information! 


Ladies and Gents, the future of golf has arrived, and it’s waiting for you at More Golf and Fitness!