Gemellini Gemellini Gemellini, its on the tip of everybody's tongue, literally. 

As I walked along the footpath toward Gemellini there was no need to look for a sign. My nose lead the way. Irresistible scents of Italy paraded down the sidewalk tempting anyone near by to come in and enjoy what was cooking. 

Unlike its airy Broadbeach brother Gemelli, Gemellini is a small intimate space. Shadowy, the heavy black granite bar, rich wooden tables and textured walls created a robust frame for the delicate place settings that sparkled as they caught the light cascading from the over head fixtures. Gemellini was the kind of place where once you step in the door, the outside world ceases to exist; the only thing thats left is you, and whatever smell bought you in. 

At the back of the restaurant under an impressive display of dangling prosciutto and herbs was a bar seating area overlooking an open kitchen. I took a seat and began to stare. These chefs went from delicately untangling fresh pasta to slinging wine into skillets in an instant. It seemed as though every dish was made with feeling. Pizza with intent, pasta with tenderness, entrees and mains all with finespun detail. Watching theses chefs cook made the food more than just a meal, I could easily see each dish was made with heart.  


I couldn't wait for my margarita pizza to be ready! A few smooth sips into my Cab Sav and my pizza had arrived. I feel like you can really tell how good a place is by their margarita pizza. If they can master the basics then the rest should be good too. Master the basics they did! The dough was made from flour imported from Italy then wood fired. The tangy-sweet pomodoro sauce, lumps of buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil sat atop a soggy thin centre crust and was surrounded by a simple yet flavourful outer crust. These straightforward and uncomplicated flavours made this pizza the best I’ve had to date! 

Although I stopped after a pizza and glass of wine, there wasn't anything on the menu that didn't sound appealing. I’ll defiantly be back for a classic cocktail, spaghetti pescatore, and my “dying to try” item, Nutella and marsacpone donuts.

As I sat at the bar having a night cap I asked the barman what he thought made the pizza here so much better than anywhere else. He sincerely answered, love.