Walkin' on Water

The Gold Coast is home to some of the best surf in the world! (Insert loud cheers!)

With Quiksilver Pro on next month I thought now would be a good time to try out surfing. So I hit up one of the Gold Coasts best surf schools, Walkin' on Water!

I took the intermediate class which had the rental of the soft surfboard and rash-vest included. The class met right behind the gorgeous beaches of Greenmount in Coolangatta where we did the land portion of our lesson. Our incredibly friendly instructor Dan showed us the basics of surfing and then explained the reasoning behind each movement. This thorough explanation was very helpful when we went down to the beach to practice ourselves. As we laid our boards on the sand, then spent a couple minutes practicing the movements Dan had shown us earlier. We all did well so we were in the water in no time. 


We waded into the crystal clear warm water where we began. I immediately took all the advice Dan had given us and stood right up on the very first wave! I couldn't believe that I got up on the first try! I was feeling like a champion! 

The feeling of riding a wave was fantastic!! For so long I had been watching from the shore. Now it was me feeling the power of the wave as I was pushed along! It was a feeling I think everyone who lives on the Gold Coast or even visits should experience! 

Unfortunately that was just beginners luck, I took a few tumbles before standing up again. :/

There were only four of us in the class, so we all got tons of help. Each of us were standing up in no time, but when it looked like we needed help, a refresher, or a push Dan was right there for us. 

We spent a hefty hour and a half in the water before it was time to wrap it up. It was so much fun I’m sure all of us could have stayed out longer! One guy was so hooked he went straight to rent a board! 

What I liked most about the class is that there was no intimidation. Since the Gold Coast is home to some of the best surfers in the world, everyone in the water seems so good and experienced. In my mind it was only little kids that took surf lessons and by the time anyone was my age they already knew how to surf. That wasn't the case at all at Walkin' on Water. There were all ages, and no judgement. Taking a tumble was part of the experience and no matter how many times each one of us fell, we got right back up. There was also no judgement from any of the more experienced surfers we were sharing the waves with. It was just a lovely day of learning something new and having a ton of fun!


Thank you Walkin' on Water for giving me the training and confidence boost I needed to get out in these waters on my own. And to anyone who has ever thought of giving it a try, DO IT!! 

By Marleigh Kelly