Whether you are 8 or 80, there is nothing like the feeling of being in an arcade. The lights, the sounds, the hundreds of prizes. Being white knuckled when you slide around a corner determined to finish in first place on the car game, or spending all your money because you are certain YOU will beat that high score! 

As a kid, it's places like this where memories are made. As an adult, it's places like this that take you back. 

As Gold Coasters we are lucky to have Timezone available to us. It’s a wholesome place where families can go and have a fun safe time, and we are double lucky because as of Saturday there will be TWO locations on the Gold Coast!
That’s right folks, Timezone is opening a second location in The Strand in Coolangatta! The new location will feature full sized bowling lanes, 200 of the latest and most popular games and attractions including dodgem cars and laser skirmish! 

Because I couldn’t wait for the opening of Timezone in Cooly, I checked out the Timezone in Surfers Paradise.

HOLY MOLY it was cool! I got one of their packages (you can get 10% off the packages here) - for $25 bucks and 2 hours I was able to play endless standard games, 12 ticketed games, Laser Skirmish, Dodgems, Mini Golf, and take a ride on a 2D or 3D simulator! Although I could have stayed all day, at the end of my 2 hours I did feel like I had a really good go at everything I wanted to try!

And that’s not the only package available. You can add any amount of money to your powercard (the card you use to play the games, no money is accepted in the machines) or choose one of the 4 packages available. 

Wasting no time, I headed for a 2D simulator. I buckled in and twisted and turned my way through an icy luge, really feeling like I was there with the added movement of the seat!

I played all the classics like Gator Panic, Feed Big Bertha and Skiball, as well as some new games like Transformers, and I played almost all the racing games! 

From there I played Laser Skirmish, aside from Gator Panic (my favourite arcade game of all time) Laser Skirmish was the highlight of my trip to Timezone

There were 4 of us playing. We strapped on our vests and guns and headed in the dark maze.
Flashing lights and neon glowing designs illuminated the black walls and floors as I stealthily made my way through the maze looking for my opponents flashing vests. It was exhilarating hunting down the opponent and funny when my vest would light up and vibrate as I unknowingly got shot. I imagined being in an alien world and hunting the bad guys which made the experience that much more fun!

After Laser Skrimish I decided to test out the Dodgem Cars. Crash and giggle should really be the name of that attraction! That’s what we did. We would crash, giggle, then go again looking for the next crash. Good fun it was! 

My two hours was up so I made my way to the ticket counter. My skills had earned me 134 tickets which I traded in for a deck of playing cards and a sticky hand! 

I had great time, was thoroughly entertained for two hours, had a ton of fun, and left with a prize.

That’s a great day in my book! 

Family friendly Timezone is open everyday 9am - Midnight and located on the 2nd floor of the Paradise Centre in Surfers Paradise, with the Coolangatta location to be open at The Strand from Saturday 27th of February.

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By Marleigh Kelly