Paradox Kitchen & Bar


Hip hip hooray! Paradox Coffee Roasters is now open for dinner Thursday - Sunday and going by the name Paradox Kitchen & Bar!

I went in with one burning question for the manager, 'why would a coffee shop decide to do dinner?'. He told me the inspiration behind Paradox Kitchen & Bar was to fill a void in sophisticated places for families to enjoy a meal without breaking the bank in Surfers Paradise. That seems fair enough with the amount of visitors in recent years, complaining about the same old, tired venues for dinner in Surfers,

Well, I’m happy to announce they have successfully fulfilled their goal! 

Located in the progressive The 4217, Paradox Kitchen & Bar has put together an incredibly tasty menu featuring shared items at amazing prices. 

This idea of sharing is wonderful for families and groups, it ensures everyone can find something they like, while sampling multiple items.

The fit-out is pretty amazing too! There is a nook or cranny to suit every mood. You can choose between wingback leather chairs for a relaxed coffee or cocktail, cozy booths for a more intimate dinner, high-top tables, or a seat on the porch underneath twinkling fairy lights. There is even a playroom for the kiddies! 

To be sure I got the understood the idea of what Paradox Kitchen & Bar was trying to accomplish, of course, I need to try quite a few items. (You can never be too cautious!) But first, cocktails! Being that Paradox is known for it’s DELICIOUS coffee, it only seemed fitting that I try their espresso martini. Paradox roasts their own beans in house, -yes you read that right, FRESH FRESH FRESH- they start with two shots of espresso, add in a little liquor love, and shake until perfection. If you guys are anything like me, I’m buggered after work, so this early evening cocktail was the perfect treat to get me through the final hours of the day. 



Firstly, I tried the Prawn Popcorn which were little balls of goodness, crispy on the outside with tender prawns on the inside.

Then I munched on the BKRY Daily Baked Flat Bread with Dipping Sauces- hummus with just the right amount of garlic, pesto that was perfection and fresh beetroot. The BKRY is another fantastic providore addition to The 4217, offering fresh bakery goods (we've heard the pies are outstanding, but that's another blog...). 

I also sampled the fresh Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella, a simple and fresh dish to cleanse the palate, in anticipation of the main fare.

Crunchy Green Beans with almond slivers (yep they were crunchy and green, tick), and the Mac Daddy of them all, the Coffee Crusted Darling Downs Beef Rib. A unique addition I'd never seen on a menu before. I suppose it is a coffee shop, may as well use the goods. The meat slid off the bone and was packed with flavour. While I love a coffee in the morning, is a coffee crusted meat actually a good idea? Damn right it is! 

With so many coffee shops on the Gold Coast these days, is the cross-over from coffee shop to restaurant the next big thing? Paradox have certainly made it achievable for so many including singles, couples, friends and families.

Parents: You can view this area from seats in the restaurant! No babysitter-No problem! 

Parents: You can view this area from seats in the restaurant! No babysitter-No problem! 

Open for dinner Thursday - Sunday,  If you've been to Paradox Kitchen and Bar for a coffee, it's time to up your game and do dinner!


By Marleigh Kelly