Lake Moogerah

Ahhh Lake Moogerah. A place so beautiful I ALMOST don't want to write about it so I can keep it hidden. Alas, I will share because it would be a shame to keep it's beauty a secret. 

A day road trip can be one of the best ways to spend a day! You never know what kind of adventure the day has in store! One of my favourite day trips is an hour and a half’s drive into the lush scenic rim to Lake Moogerah


A day trip isn't a day trip unless you stop at all the little spots on the way, so lets first lets talk about the drive and all the wonderful things to do in the area. 

In Aratula there is Aratula Traders. A charming little antique shop full of old treasures. As soon as you walk in the door you are on a stroll down memory lane and captivated by the items from a world that long passed. It’s easy to spend quite a bit of time in this store digging through the piles of old collectables. 

Aratula also has a charming little cafe and fruit stand so you can load up on goodies before you head to the lake. 

Not too far down the road in Boonah is the Kooroomba winery and lavender field. Stunning views of the scenic rim and delicious wine make this place a must-go! Nothing like a relaxing glass of wine after a long day on the lake!

Oppys Fruit and Veg stand is a darling little place to stock up on local yummies like honey cheese and olives and is only a short drive from Kooroomba. 


For my curious paranormal people out there, there is a graveyard off of Coulson Road in Roadvale thats worth checking out. It’s got graves dating back to the 1800’s that are hauntingly beautiful! 


Now, to the lake! (Don't mind the clouds in the photos, the lake is beautiful rain or shine!)

Whether you are looking for a place to camp or a day trip spot, Lake Moogerah has something for everyone. 

Camping, fishing, kayaking, boating, bbq, a playground, the possibilities for fun are endless! 

I like to take the boat when I head to Lake Moogerah. It’s calm not crowded waters are perfect for skiing, wake boarding and tubing! There are also designated swim spots, and very clean facilities. 

Lake Moogerah is even great for just relaxing. Whether you are on the shore or on the water, the lake offers insanely gorgeous views! Friends and families alike are guaranteed to have a good day when its at the lake! 

Before the summer is over, pack up the esky and the sunscreen and hit the road. There is so much to see in the Scenic Rim! 

A little rain storm kayaking! 

A little rain storm kayaking! 


  • Muller Park Road Moogerah QLD 4309


By Marleigh Kelly