Beaches off Tedder

We all know Beaches off Tedder has a fantastic breakfast, but do you know they have a kick ass lunch too?

Located on Main Beach Parade, Beaches off Tedder has been been opening at 5am for the early birds for over a year, and with their daily deals like $10 for a coffee and brekkie roll it’s no wonder their regulars keep coming back for more!

Aside from a great breakfast, Beaches off Tedder also offers a totally delicious lunch!

As I walked into the bright and airy restaurant I felt instantly welcomed by the laid back environment. I took a scan over the menu which had all the breakfast favourites, a large selection of burgers and salads, a section for the kids, smoothies, milkshakes and the thing that caught my eye, the soft shell crab burger. 

Since the air has been so dense and hot lately I thought I would first cool down with the Summer Fruits smoothie. It did the trick. The banana, mango, passion fruit, yoghurt and honey blended together in a refreshing swirl. It was the perfect flavour for a hot summer day!


Before I knew it, the soft shell crab burger was at the table. 

With it’s wiry legs sticking out of the fluffy sesame seed bun this crab burger looked drool worthy! 

It was time for the taste test. As I bit my way through the bun and into the crab, the first thing I thought was that this is a texture lover's dream come true! Soft bun crispy shell soft crab meat centre, crunchy shell again, crunchy fennel and dill salad and back to the soft bun. a truly delightful combo! As an amateur foodie, what I found most surprising about this burger was the chefs ability to make this deep fried crab burger taste incredibly fresh and dare I say, healthy!! Possibly it was the dill in the salad, but this burger tasted effortlessly crisp and fresh; a rare thing to come by when you are eating something deep fried! Perhaps owners Michael and Rachael have hired a magic chef and aren't telling us! Whatever it is, it defiantly passed the taste test!

I must mention the chips too. On first glance, there is nothing special about these chips. They are the same fat chips you can find at dozens of restaurants in the area. But on first taste...there was something different about them! I couldn't put my finger on what made them so special, so you’ll have to go try them for yourself and see if you can figure it out. (If you do figure it out, let me know!) Perhaps it's just chef working her magic again! 


You can treat yourself to all the yummy treats at Beaches off Tedder everyday from 5am - 3pm and enjoy their Beaches off Tedder exclusive house blend coffee from Tasmania until 4pm. 

  • 5 Woodroffe Ave, Main Beach QLD 4217


By Marleigh Kelly