Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe

I've got to say, Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe is fantastic!

Here’s why-

I strolled up for breakfast around 7am. The first great point about this place is the location is phenomenal! Right on the esplanade in the heart of Surfers Paradise, it’s convenient, and great for sitting and people watching. As well as people watching, you can also watch the waves roll in -or in this morning’s case, watch the dolphins swim past because its also got lovely beach views! It’s the perfect morning chill out spot! The decor cant go unnoticed either, yellow surfboards hung on the walls and light blue accents made this cafe feel beachy and comfortable. Beachy and relaxed with great views, it’s really a great representation of what the Gold Coast is about!

Breakfast, was outta this world!

It started with juices, the Refresher which was orange watermelon and lime, and the Tropical which was passion fruit, pineapple, mango, and banana. Both served chilled. With ingredients like that I think it goes with out saying, they were bomb! A fantastic way to start the day!

Moving on to coffee, a latte and a flat white. The beans used were smooth and the coffees were the perfect temperature! (Gotta love a coffee thats ready to drink straight away!)

As the food came out, I knew it was going to be a great morning. A stack of 3 fluffy pancakes piled high with fresh fruit sat next to homemade whipped cream and a jar of maple syrup. 

Man, they were good! The pancakes were flavourful on their own but mixed with the not too sweet whipped cream and maple syrup they were divine! The fresh fruit made each bite different which was a lovely touch, the pancakes never got boring!

I also tried the vegetarian eggs benny. Atop sourdough bread was asparagus, capsicum, mushrooms, and onion, Oh and lets not forget the eggs and rich hollandaise sauce. Savoury with all the right textures. The crunchy veggies paired well with soft poached eggs and sourdough. It was hardy and satisfying. A great compliment to the sweet pancake stack. 


The total experience was a win. The food, the service, the location, the view. Really, what more could you ask for from a restaurant?

Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe, you have wowed me. I’ll be back! 

Great for families, Surfers Paradise Beach Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week! 


By Marleigh Kelly