Hot beaches, hot bodies. -Seems to be the way of the Gold Coast.

If you are like me, working out is a chore. However, it is a necessary evil. As much as it may pain me to work out, being healthy is high on my must-do list.

So I got to thinking, what is around that is a good workout, but doesn't have the monotony of hitting the gym?

Bounce. Specifically, Bounce Fit.  

I geared up for my first Bounce Fit class on a Saturday Morning. As I put on my grip socks and looked at all the trampolines I couldn't help but think, Am I too old for this? I mean hell, I hadn't been on a trampoline since I was a kid. 

The class took place in the back corner of the massive park. Personal sized trampolines were set up in a grid with plenty of space dividing each trampoline. There were maybe 12 or so of us in the class ranging in ages and sex. Hesitant, I waited to see how everyone approached their individual trampoline. They just walked on. Why I thought it was going to be a more elaborate task, I don't know.


I hopped on my trampoline. HUGE smile across my face. It was like riding a bike. You don't forget how to jump on a trampoline, and it was just as fun as I remembered! 

The class started with a warm-up. Basic jumps to get the blood flowing. Slowly the moves got a bit more complicated and my heart beat started to race as we prepared for the real workout. 

I’ve got to say, when your body isn't used to moving like that, the warmup was a workout in its self. 

Out of breath but still stoked, we moved on to the hard stuff. We started with my fave (sarcasm) burpees. For 45 minutes we did a mix of squats, jumps, pushups, and abs. -If you thought a one sided plank was hard before, just wait until you are on an unstable surface!

Through the pain and sweat, our instructor managed to keep it lively and smiles on our faces with her friendly and funny personality. 

By the end of the class I was pooped! Absolutely one of the hardest classes I’ve taken in a long time! 


After class you are allowed free jump time. Although my butt had been kicked, I still took advantage of this!

I went right for the massive blob. I hopped down a long trampoline then with one last big bounce went flying through the air and plopped down on a massive black blob. Not sure what else to call it. 

I rolled my way off and went right back for it. So much fun!!

Bounce also has ramps you can run up, basketball hoops and a bounce board. 


Getting a good workout at Bounce was so easy and fun. Don't get me wrong, the workout wasn't easy, but it was easy getting good workout! :)

2 days later and I still have sore glutes! 

So if you are ready for a fun way to stay in shape, bounce on in to Bounce in Robina! Open 7 days a week! 

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By Marleigh Kelly