Bleach* Festival

I’ll tell you what, March is going to be a great month on the Gold Coast!

Bleach* Festival is on and has a SPECTACULAR line up! 

I was lucky enough to get a little sneak peek of what’s to come! 

It was at Pirates Park in Palm Beach where I got a behind the scenes look at SHIFTING SANDS. As I listened to Director Donna Jackson explain the story of Shifting Sands with oozing passion, I knew we would be in for a great performance. 

Shifting Sands will tell the story of a lifetime on a beach. A cast of over 100 including artists, musicians, school kids, stand-up paddle boarders, rowers, circus performers, and the Queensland Ballet Company will be telling the story of communities and characters interwoven in the iconic seascape of the Currumbin Estuary.

Although it was only a tiny taste of what’s to come, watching the acrobats in their authentic 40’s bathing suits showcase beautiful moves expressing romance and excitement set along side the picturesque Currumbin Estuary had me reeling for more!

Shifting Sands is set to be one of the largest Bleach* Festival productions ever on the Gold Coast!

Bleach* Festival is set across three massive weekends and will be showcasing a cornucopia of arts including- song, dance, luminaries, imaginative performances, and sport -just to name a FEW!

Bleach* which has something of interest for everyone of every age, is set all across the Gold Coast! 

Head over to the Bleach* Festival website for the full lineup and to see whats on in your neighbourhood! 

By Marleigh Kelly