Aquasplash is Australia's first open water fun park and is located right off shore in the Broadwater Parklands. Not totally sure what an open water fun park was, I figured I should give it a go and find out!

I couldn't have asked for a better day to get outside; blue skies, sunshine, and no waves or current. 

As I made my way past the check in counter, I was then fitted for a lifejacket and given a coloured headband (the headband helps the team keep track of your time in the water).
A member of the staff gave me a safety briefing and then I had the clear to hop in the water.

The way the park is laid out is there is a big white floating net that surrounds the park. Hallelujah because I am scared of sharks! Inside the netted area is the giant inflatable waterpark. The shallow area is home to a "10 years and under section" with smaller obstacles for new swimmers. 

Past the shallows is ahuge inflatable obstacle and fun course. I floated/swam out to the course. As I approached it, I felt so small as I saw the towering floating obstacles before me. This was going to be a blast!

Two “on ramps” with handles were situated slightly lower to the water than the other inflatables. I pulled myself on the float, caught my balance, then had a good look around. I felt like I was a contestant on one of those obstacle course TV shows when I saw what lied before me. Skinny slippery pathways lead to jungle gyms where if you fall through the holes you fall straight in the water. I made it over those no problem, but next was a large ramp. I tried running up the ramp and no matter what I did I could not get up. I would run with all my might, get about half way up, then slide back down. Now, I do know it’s possible because I saw other people do it, but for me, no way. After about 5 failed attempts to get up the ramp I decided I would go around. Easier said than done, I as I tried to scale the ramp I fell straight in the water (which was part of the fun of the course). I swam to the next obstacle and pulled myself up. Monkey bars; I did alright but fell at the end trying to hop back on the ramp. From there I went up a around to a trampoline. Finally something I was good at. I had practice earlier in the week (read the blog here) I moved on when I felt like I had built up enough skills to tackle the ENORMOUS slide! I climbed up and sat for a second overlooking all of Broadwater and Marina Mirage. After a moment of serenity I slid down with extraordinary speed. It was so much fun I did it 3 times in a row!

From there I found my favourite attraction. The swing. A large inflated support system held the swing. I swung with my toes tracing the top of the water and when it was time to get off with one big swing I let go and went plunging into the water. It was fantastic! 

After the allotted 50 minutes of fun I felt totally fulfilled! I lazily floated back to shore to return my life vest. 


This park is a fantastic outing for families and friends. Fun for all ages, I highly suggest you give this a try, you’ll be laughing all week thinking about how funny it is to fall off the course! 

Aquasplash is open 7 days a week during spring, summer and fall! 

By Marleigh Kelly