Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery

Lucky for all the love birds, Valentines Day is on Sunday this year! All the cuddly cuties get to spend the entire day together! 

I’ve spent a lot of hours looking for the top ways to spend Valentines Day on the Coast this year, and one of the most charming places I found wasn't on the coast at all. 


A short drive up Tamborine Mountain is Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery. This enchanting estate sits stop well manicured grounds and the start of Cedar Creek.

To all the Inside Gold Coast Readers looking for a well rounded day out, Cedar Creek is my recommendation! Here’s why…

I started my trip from Burleigh and a scenic 50 minute drive later I was pulling into Cedar Creek. 

I quickly realised Cedar Creek was so much more than a winery. There was a seemingly endless amount of things to see and do. 

Aside from great food and wine, Cedar Creek is an environmental learning centre. 

As I made my way down the elevated dock though the rainforest (which the folks at Cedar Creek have been working to regrow) I ended up at Frog Hollow. A sanctuary where curious spectators can see all the different kinds of frogs gracing Tamborine’s lush but diminishing rain forest. 

I took a lap around inspecting the frogs, they ranged from big, little, cute, and ugly. There was even a tank with little tadpoles. 

Eastern Water Dragons run rampant across the grounds of Cedar Creek. A treat to see, these prehistoric looking lizards have become accustom to humans and are quite keen on having their picture made! I stopped to admire the scaly creature before making my way further down the boardwalk to Cedar Creek’s very own Glow Worm Cave. The Caves (though hard to tell) were man made in an effort to increase the decreasing Glow Worm population in the area. Since glow worms thrive in a fragile environment, to enter the cave you must join a guided tour as to safely and harmlessly admire the glow of these little guys.

As my group made its way into the cave we were seated to watch a short informational video regarding the Glow Worms and to give our eyes a chance to adjust. 7 minutes later we were ready to enter the section of the cave with the worms. 

SPECTACULAR is the only way to put it. Upwards of 5 thousand glow worms inhabit the cave. although not all the worms bioluminescent bums are glowing at the same time, there are still thousands to see and its a magnificent site. Just imagine staring at the most beautiful starry night seen though the cool and mysterious surroundings of a cave with your love.

(A great place to snag sneaky kiss if you ask me! ;) *MUAH*)


After my journey though the cave, it was time to sit and relax. I found the most darling table on the patio overlooking the Cedar Creek pond. I enjoyed a smooth, hot cappuccino, basked in the sun, and admired the beautiful rose garden before I ordered lunch. 

For lunch I had pan seared Atlantic Salmon which rested on julienne vegetables and was toped with asparagus, roe, capers and a lemon beurre blanc sauce.  It was divine! The salmon was crispy on the outside and flavourful on the inside. Im a big fan of the caper lemon beurre blanc sauce combo, so I’m a a bit of a tough critic, but happily, it was also divine! 


Full to the brim I took a stroll around the grounds to let my food settle. 

I walked down to the dock to get a better look at the lake, had a peek at the grapes in the vineyard, checked out the picturesque chapel and event room, headed up to the Arthur Hamblin art gallery above the wine tasting room then finally down to the tasting room.


The sommelier at Queensland Wine Centre (the tasting room/shop at Cedar Creek) was friendly and informative as he poured Cedar Creeks most exciting wines. 

There was an expansive variety, but the two that stood out the most were the Cedar Creme and “Another Brew” chocolate port.

The cedar creme was reminiscent of Bailey’s but with a brandy base. I couldn't help but imagine pouring this over ice-cream!! (hint hint lovers - late night dessert!)

The “Another Brew” chocolate port was interesting. The sommelier said most people have a different way of describing it, but I thought it tasted of raisins with a chocolate finish. A sweet ending to a sweet day!

...I bought a few bottles while I was there too, they were just SO good! 


I cant tell you how much I hope you and your beau make the trip to Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery this Valentines Day! 

If you are planning on making the day trip, be sure to book your reservation for Valentines Lunch! 

Your choice of Ocean Barramundi or T-Bone Steak with a special Valentines Dessert for only $32 per person!! (WHAAA??? A great Valentines date under $100?!! YES!!)

Seriously guys, do it! 

But dont drink and drive. Take an UBER and use code GCMAG25 for a free first ride up to $25! 


By Marleigh Kelly