Burn the Floor

Jupiters Casino, a Gold Coast Icon. Never have I not had a good time at Jupiters. Tried and true to it’s reputation, when I saw Burn the Floor at Jupiters I had a good time. 


As I walked down the grand red stairs I was excited for the night ahead. I love the theatre and this was my first show at Jupiters. I took my seat and noticed the cheeky “ushers” dressed as though they were from the 18oo’s. They would gesture to each other across the theatre as if they were the only ones in on the joke, then run away laughing. This went on until everyone was in their seats. The “ushers” than ran on stage gave a wave and disappeared behind the curtain.

The lights dimmed and the curtain slowly pulled apart. Music, lights, ACTION. 


It should be noted that I had little idea of what to expect from Burn the Floor. From the image online, I knew it was a dance show, but beyond that, I wasn't sure what I was in for. 

The first dance was a waltz with the performers in era costumes. Magically they twirled under the shifting stage lights. After an enchanting dance showcasing a dance style almost lost with the times, they spun themselves to the sides of the stage and made room for the next dance. 80’s Gothic (I suppose). Black leather, feather mohawks, and tantric music captivated me as I realised I was in for an unpredictable show. 

What was going to be next?! 

Aside from shining dancers, Burn the Floor was a show complete with alluring song birds and a choice band. The trio took the audience through a mashup highlighting their abilities to go from Elvis and 50’s swing, to sultry latin moves and sounds, then all the way across the board to a touching rendition of Beyonce’s Halo. 

By the time we reached intermission, we had danced across decades and had been treated with the accompanying sounds. 


Intermission - As I waited in line for my cocktail, remembering the big voices, big costumes, and big moves, I briefly contemplated signing up for a dance class. Dare I say I had been inspired by Burn the Floor?! 

Reeling from the randomness and excitement of the first act, I couldn't wait to get back back to my seat to see what act 2 had in-store. 


Act 2 started with a bang! The grand elaborate costumes complete with feather headdresses (my fave!) adorned the dancers once again as they twisted and jumped across the stage to a gothic opera sung by one of Burn the Floor’s own songstresses. 

Falling in line with the first act, act 2 was also a spectacular mixed bag. We stayed entertained by Burn the Floor’s take on the classics including Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and Janis Joplin's Piece of my heart. Act 2 also incorporated some up beat ragtime music and dance, before hitting the 50’s for a school themed battle where a naughty teacher did her best to keep the students inline with a whip. 


The show ended with a fantastically elaborate song and dance where they graciously gave us two encores. 

Burn the Floor was magnificently entertaining. I think I am correct in speaking for the audience when I say, Burn the Floor kept us on our toes! The impossibility of guessing what was next made Burn the floor exciting and fun!

If you want to make this Valentines Day a night to remember, take your loved one to Jupiters. Not only can you see the memorable show Burn the Floor, you can dine at one of Jupiters many restaurants including their newest restaurant, the beautiful Garden Kitchen and Bar. (Read all about Garden Kitchen and Bar in our BLOG)

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