Frank and Mimi

Have you seen a Frank and Mimi?

Rick Hayward and Emily Devers are Frank and Mimi. Locally based artists painting the town more than just red. 

Together, Rick, a qualified sign writer with over 15 years experience and Emily, an accomplished multidisciplinary fine artist, are creating some truly memorable pieces of artwork all around the world. 


How did Frank & Mimi come about?

Frank & Mimi came about almost by accident when we collaborated on a wall in West End. We painted that artwork for the love of it, and to this day we still get requests for something similar from our clients!


In three words how would you describe your style?

Astute. Friendly. Timeless.


Where on the Gold Coast can we see some of your work?

The 4217 - from Paradox Roasters through to CHA Teahouse. Also we've given Cần Thơ the full Frank & Mimi treatment, Black Coffee Lyrics features some of our sign writing, Alfred's Bar & Diner, Balter Brewery, and more recently The Collective Palm Beach. We've also collaborated with the Gold Coast City Council on a 75m artwork that faces the new Athletes Village on Smith Street - referencing the Commonwealth Games' motto, we used vintage Gold Coast hotel and motel signage typography styles alongside some fun postcard style illustration.


How long did your piece at Balter Brewery take, start to finish ?

4 days! We camped out in our van and painted there during the day in between morning and afternoon swims at Currumbin Alley and Palm Beach. 


Is your work all free hand? Or computer generated?

We draft all of our layouts starting with thumbnails in pencil, and then present hand illustrated colour renders. We'll use the computer if we have to integrate any existing branding elements into a signage layout, and make a pattern, but aside from that everything begins in a sketch pad. 


Your favourite piece of artwork? 

We recently completed an artwork in Hilo, Hawaii, as part of a creative collective called Temple Children. We worked alongside 5 other artists to create large scale artworks in the centre of town that reflected our cultural immersion in Hawaii. Our finished artwork 'Land of Plenty' was a dream to paint, and in the end created space for considered conversations around sustainable food production and our responsibility to the land. 


Your favourite medium to use?

Acrylic paint on a brick surface - it's so forgiving and looks like it's been there forever. When we're travelling, can't go past a simple pen and a sketch pad to capture the surroundings. 


What does the future hold for Frank & Mimi? 

2017 holds some exciting things for us - exciting projects, plenty of travel, artist residencies, bit of family time and some rest time. What a combo!


Frank and Mimi's favourites


 Gold Coast Beaches

In no particular order...

- Miami 

- Burleigh

- Palm Beach

- Nobby's 

- Currumbin



- there any other?



We always go to the same three trusted vegetarian joints...

- Greenhouse Canteen & Bar

- Mandala for their Thai Pizza

- Cardamom Pod


Coffee Shops

- Barefoot Barista

- Paradox Roasters

- Dust Temple (purely for the fit-out!)

- Grocer & Grind

- And when we're headed further south ...The Farm at Byron. Those sourdough doughnuts!

By Amy Merridan