Take 5 with Loni Jane

Gold Coast local, mum of two, vegan and entrepreneur.  

Loni Jane shares some of her favourite spots on the Gold Coast & a gives us an insight into the vegan lifestyle. 

A little bit about Loni:

28 years young, two kids under three and a wonderful partner, living in our dream home on the Gold Coast mountains. 

It wasn’t always such a dream though, I once was a junk food addict & a party animal. A sleep deprived alcoholic living in a share house and always unwell. I got very ill in my early twenties after the junk lifestyle caught up with me; dengue fever, cmv virus, candida overgrowth, low energy, acne, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome just to name a few. My immune system wasn't functioning and I was on antibiotics weekly!

All of this was as little as 5 years ago. I now work from home doing my dream job, eating an abundance of healthy plant foods. I now have optimal health, no illnesses, and two healthy children who also live the vegan lifestyle.

My background skills are photography and creative design so they really helped me drive the successful business I have today along with 2 vibrant eBooks, Feel the Lean 1.0 and Feel the Lean 2.0. 

Why the Gold Coast? 

The Goldy is special, is does glitter like gold here. The sunshine and warmth keep me happy, along with the daily vitamin D boost! There are so many healthy people here that share the same vibrant energy, so it's easy to live my kind of lifestyle without being dragged down.

Why the vegan lifestyle & its benefits?

Health first, then for the Earth and animals and now it's for everyone. The world would  dramatically change if everyone ate more plants and not so much meat, dairy and processed food. 

The benefits are endless; high energy levels daily, improved sleep, feeling better, loving more, doing more and wanting more out of life. It gives you a lean healthy body, balances hormones, creates a glowing complexion, long shiny hair, . It made my pregnancies easy, and I bounced back faster after having the babies. Food cravings have diminished l have a deeper connection to the earth and all that nature has to offer. Happy vibes from helping and healing, honestly everything is better!

Tips for those considering the vegan lifestyle:

Educate yourself, do research first. Read books, learn from others, watch docos…all of them. Read food labels, buy from local markets, make your own food and learn to prepare and cook all types of food.

Your'e not a Gold Coast local if you haven't:

Found the hidden swim spots around Tallebudgera Creek/ Burleigh headlands and gotten a juice from the fruit shop.


Check out Loni's list of "favourites"

Favourite Vegan friendly restaurants

·      Easy House Yum Cha

·      Tian Ran

·      Mandales

·      Goji Café (for the best Acai Coco Whip Bowls)

·      Cardamon Pod, Brickworks (check out our blog here)

Favourite Waterfalls/watering holes

·      Springbrook Natural Bridge (check out our blog here)

·      Curtis Falls

·      Coomera Circuit, Springbrook

·      Currumbin Rockpools

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Favourite Beaches

·      North Burleigh Beach

·      Tallebudgera Creek

·      Currumbin Alley

·      Palm Beach, 11th Ave

·      Pirate Park Beach

Favourite Markets

·      Burleigh State School Markets

·      Miami Organic Markets

·      Burleigh Village Markets

Top kid friendly activities on the Coast

·      Tallebudgera Creek

·      Doodlebugs Indoor Play Centre

·      Whole Beings Collective

·      Pirate Park, Currumbin

·      Acai Bowl & bike ride down Burleigh Esplanade 


If you'd like to know more about Loni or the vegan lifestyle, or just be in awe of her amazing photography and gramworthy lifestyle, visit her website www.feelthelean.com and Instagram @lonijane

By Amy Merridan