It's biscuit, not basket...

The whole food, vegan, paleo, gluten free, superfood master of the Gold Coast has decided to open its doors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.. whattttt!? how good, we know! And they have ever so cleverly gone and named this night time activity “Date Night”.

Going to Date Night for date night, couldn’t make anymore sense if you tried. BSKT are offering up a delicious (100% gluten free) small plate and share menu for you and your special friend to share in a candle-lit restaurant, full of fresh flowers, fabulous faces and rustic yet modern décor.  

A little beach shack of love with polished concrete floors, high ceilings, awesome wall art and a giant blackboard full of fun facts.. (did you know that BSKT produce 18L of “Kalenaise” each week) all adding to the restaurants unique style.

The Date Night menu itself puts Times New Roman to shame its bright pink colour and the fun funky fonts make are a great contrast to the restaurants settings.

But let's chat about the real goods, the food that will have you fighting your lover for the last mouthful (BSKT do not take any responsibility for quarrels caused by the food).  The cauliflower, I know, you’re like; how could they make it taste amazing? well it’s Buffalo Cauliflower with fermented Korean Gochujang. When you eat it, it’s a flavour explosion in your mouth, spicy goodness that makes your mouth water and leaves you with a Buffalo Cauliflower addiction.  The Root Vegetable Mash with coconut cream and sage is fast becoming a popular choice, as is the Mexican Corn rolled in cacao butter, tequila lime and chipotle!

We bet you never thought about marinating your Steak in coconut amino and serving it with Italian gremolata, that’s ok though, because these geniuses did and wasn’t it just a marvellous idea! The steak melts in your mouth as does the Slow Roasted Pork, served with special honey and orange glaze!

They keep your sweet tooth satisfied as well, Maqui Brownies, Baked Cheesecake and their very own CocoWhip just to name a few, as well as offering a thirst quenching list of liquor (we suggest the Deniro Cocktail – Byron Bucha, VDKA 6100, Campari, pink grapefruit and lemon juice, it’s basically a cocktail that is totally good for you!)

BSKT are open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week 7am – 4pm

And now open for Date Night Friday – Sunday (#datenight)

By Amy Merridan