Cicchetti Pizza & Pasta Bar

An Italian Renaissance..

It's the Donatello to your Michelangelo, the Raffaello to your Leonardo., Cicchetti Pizza & Pasta Bar treats you to all the cultural delights of Italy. Originally opening as fine dining in 2015, the owners soon saw that the Gold Coast was after something more, a delicious place to socialise and dine, so owners Luca and Marco listened. Cicchetti now offers a relaxed vibe, more homemade pastas, sharing meze and damn fine pizza's. Throw in some live music and be serenaded on Friday and Saturday nights.

Locals flock to this Florence Cathedral of Isle of Capri in the name of food, but this restaurant emanates with Italian stye. Sleek, black marble frames the bar, full of the finest liqueurs, the dark grey floor tiles are accentuated by the jarrah bar, tables and chairs. Simplicity is key here, tinkering into a level of indulgence, crystal glassware, an impressive chandelier and copper ornaments that hang from the high ceiling. Seating is offered both inside and out, if it's not Cicchetti's style that lures you in, it's likely to be the warm smiles and fluent Italian spoken by staff.

Now we know there are some great pizza's on the Gold Coast, so we can only suggest you taste it for yourself.. but just to set the scene the "Tartufo" - fresh mozzarella, fresh ricotta, marinated mushrooms, delicate pieces of prosciutto, shaved parmesan, herbs drizzled with the godsend that is truffle oil, we think you'll probably need a moment to yourself after tasting this. For the pasta lovers, Taglioni Al Granchio - Spanner crab coated in a chilli, garlic, pepper, cherry tomato and white whine sauce tossed tossed through house made taglioni. Perhaps  also try the Antipasto Mitso, the Stinco Di Angello (slow cooked lamb shank) or Cannoli Alla Nutela .. we'll be right back, we just need a minute... 

Now.. where were we, not only is the food worthy of a da Vinci portrait but the thought and love that has gone into the beverage selection is just as impressive. When dining at Cicchetti you have over 150 wines to choose from. If you want to sip on a cocktail instead, we suggest (demand) you order the "Ugo", it's like mojito meets spritzer with some unknown magic in between; fresh lime, elderflower, fresh mint topped up with Prosecco & soda. We think you'll order more than one, best to order an Uber.

With the true sense of Italian style dining at heart, all of the meals are encouraged to share, meaning more time spent at the table and in the company of those sat next to you.

Bring your friends, family, co-workers, ninja turtle enthusiasts and join in the Cicchetti Melbourne Cup Cocktail Soiree from 12- 3pm. A glass of French champagne on arrival (if only the Italian's did that better as well), live entertainment, canapés, best dressed awards and of course wine, beer & prosecco (the one that the Italians did get right)! 

Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Ciao Bella ;) 

By Amy Merridan