Aleenta Barre

The first Aleenta Barre to open on the Gold Coast!

With summer only 8 weeks away, Aleenta Barre, the newest boutique Barre Pilates studio to open on the Gold coast, is your one stop shop to bring your summer body out of hibernation.

With six successful studios between Melbourne and Adelaide, Gold Coast was lucky enough to be next on the list for Aleenta's take over! It's not only the attention to detail, focus on technique and range of classes on offer that really make Aleenta stand out from the rest, but the effort that goes into acknowledging each and every person that walks through their door and ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the Aleenta experience!

Alicia Harvey, the very first franchisee of Aleenta Barre, is passionate about her Barre studio & loves the type of fitness that Barre has to offer.  Alicia has spent years as a contemporary dancer, and continues to work with the likes of Bleach Festival and other art institutions (check out our blog on Hotelling here). Encouraging accountability and fun, this combination of Yoga, Pilates and the ballet barre is sure to leave you feeling accomplished, satisfied and that little bit sassier.

The Mermaid Waters studio offers classes unique to any other barre style, with each class scripted and new routines introduced every 4 weeks, you are sure to target all the different muscle groups, even the ones you didn't know existed! 10 classes in 3 weeks with guaranteed results and BOOM, you'll be ready to strut your stuff on the Victoria's Secret runway. 

Bonuses about Aleenta Barre, you don't need to be able to dance, the classes suit ANY fitness level and you get to enjoy your exercise in the stylishly designed studio. Thanks to the natural lighting, peach and cream hues and complimentary juice shot, you'll feel warm and welcome every time you return.

Check out these five fantastic classes on offer:

Barre Burn – Traditional style barre, and you guessed it, it burns.

Barre Blend – A more challenging class that utilises some of the more difficult yoga poses.

Yoga Barre – This class combines yoga flows, perfect for the yoga lovers.

Abs & Extend – Great to really target the core.

Barre F.I.T – Fast paced circuit style training, maximum intensity.

Because the girls at Aleenta Barre are so lovely, they have even given us a promo code!!

Use code 10GV to receive $10 off!

For more class information, timetables & contact details visit:

By Amy Merridan