Go Ballooning

A record holding, memory making hot pink balloon!

You haven't seen true passion until you meet Murray Blyth, the Managing Director and Chief Pilot of Go Ballooning. You could call it enthusiasm, but that doesn't quite cut it, Murray lives and breathes hot air (ballooning), is the master of hot air balloon puns and dedicates his time and energy to creating the best possible Go Ballooning experiences on the Gold Coast.

The big standout hot pink balloon is partnered with the McGrath Foundation with the aim to reach new heights for breast cancer awareness and raise much needed funds.  Murray has over 15 years experience floating in the air, with Go Ballooning just recently celebrating its first birthday! In one year the Go Ballooning team have managed to achieve an Australian record with the most hot air balloon flights in one year, an estimated 230 flights!.. that's a lot of hot air and a lot of happy passengers.

Despite the ups and downs (thanks for that one Murray) of starting a new business, Murray and his exuberant team have got this business off the ground and floating. Balloon rides take off up to 6 times per week, sometimes with the weather permitting they will manage to complete 2 flights in one morning. 

The Go Ballooning team collect their passengers from a designated hotel and make way to the meeting point. Watch in wonderment as the balloon fills with air. You're offered a helping hand into the basket and before you know it you're away, you will barely realise that the balloon has taken off, the feeling of floating mid air is surreal and so smooth!  Then it's just a matter of relaxing and taking in the spectacular sunrise and scenery around and below.

Regardless of whether it's a journey over the spectacular hinterlands or the infamous Gold Coast itself we think that you should bring your Kleenex! Seeing the sights and views from the balloon are breathtaking.

A fantastic gift idea as much as a fantastic treat for yourself, the beauty that comes with the Go Ballooning experience is priceless. Murray and the team will go above and beyond to make any special occasions that much more memorable (proposals anyone!?).

If you have any hesitation about being so high in the sky, we promise that once you've settled in the giant basket, you'll be in nothing other than awe. The Go Ballooning team even have the landing down pat!

Go Ballooning and see the Gold Coast like you've never seen it before, don't forget to use the free voucher here.

By Amy Merridan