A quacktastic adventure!

There’s no sea too big and no road too wide for the Aquaduck! The most unique way to experience the Gold Coast by land and water without even having to leave your seat! This amphibious bus offers a tour with a difference; hold on as the big duck makes its way from the roads of Surfers Paradise straight into the river! 

The Aquaduck has been getting its feathers wet on the Gold Coast for over 20 years, providing locals and tourists alike with an hour long journey that highlights the “hot spots” on the Coast as well as providing passengers with some interesting facts about the Coast’s history, buildings and big name events.

The tour guides are super fun and super friendly, keeping everyone involved, you’ll quack up laughing when the cheeky duck puts in his two cents every now and then too! The experience is made extra special for the kids, allowing them to get behind the wheel of the Aquaduck whilst it’s in the water and awarded with a special license afterwards.

It’s not every day you can say that you were on a bus that drove into the water without ruffling some feathers, but the Aquaduck offers smooth sailing both on and off the road.

Whether an old duck or a duckling you’ll be sure to enjoy, so get a waddle on and book your Aquaduck tour!

Tours departing from 36 Cavill Drive, Surfers Paradise 7 days a week (except Christmas Day)

By Amy Merridan