El Patio De Cuba

¡Viva la Revolución!


 A change has come to Surfers Paradise, where your coffee is Cuban, your Old Fashioned is smoking and your food is revolutionary.

Situated in Chevron Renaissance, El Patio De Cuba offers a warm and welcoming space to sit back and enjoy the tastes of Cuba. Intricate floor tiles, a decadent wooden ceiling and hanging greenery invite you into a slower, relaxing atmosphere.  Choose from the extensive collection of 72 rums to add to your Cuba Libre!

To truly embrace the Cuban culture we suggest you try the Lamb “Cuban Cigars” served on a fresh salad with mint sauce (tobacco free!). Keeping in style with the health conscious choice, the Ensalada De Verduras Salad - chickpeas marinated in garlic and olive oil, sweet corn and black bean relish, roasted capsicum and crumbled goats cheese is a vegetarian delight, see skinny does taste good. Or rebel with an Argentinian Crepe, served with banana, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream (it's all about balance).. we never knew Cuba tasted so good.

Paella, oh the Paella! El Patio De Cuba's specialty is bursting with flavour, combining roasted chicken, Spanish chorizo, prawns and calamari tossed with saffron rice, sweetcorn and black beans. But other dishes rising up to the occasion include the Pork Belly, Mojito Chicken, Spanish Churros. But make sure you've left room for a tipple to topple you. Revolt with an Old Fashioned served with a freshly lit cinnamon stick, still smoking when it arrives at your table, of course it wouldn’t be Cuban without Rum. Mojito’s, Daiquiri’s, Cosmo’s and Pina Colada’s also fight for your attention.

A perfect way to finish the feast, or for the coffee enthusiast alone, is the Cuban Coffee, using authentic coffee beans. Try the Café Con Leche, where your coffee is served disassembled or the Cortadito, an over sweetened espresso. 

Don't resist, assemble your troops and escape to El Patio De Cuba!

Open 7 days a week 11am – 11pm

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, Surfers Paradise

By Amy Merridan