You know those people hovering over the water using the super cool flyboards at Pelican Beach? Well, that was ME this week! 

Since their big debut a few years back, I have always wanted to try using a flyboard. Marty McFly goes beachy. 

Looks like fun right? RIGHT! 

I’m telling you, there is no way you can let this year go by without trying it!


When I got to HydroFly I was immediately greeted by pro-rider (cool!) and manager Peter. He showed me the ropes and in no time I was in the water. 

I was strapped into big bulky boots with the board strapped to the bottom of the boots which is like a wakeboard but smaller. From there the board is connected by hose to a jet ski.
I felt the power turn on and the board was instantly propelling me forward. As we taxied out a couple of meters, I couldn't stop giggling because I felt like a trainer at Seaworld getting pushed by a dolphin, or maybe a mermaid, or AquaMan. Basically I felt super human and it was awesome. 

The concept is simple. The board pushes out water and as long as you can keep the board under you, you will hover over the water. 

Easier said than done!

I got up and crashed 2 times, but you know what they say, 3rd time's a charm! I was up! It was surprisingly easy to catch the hang of this. I should mention, I’m not coordinated AT ALL. So all you people with baby giraffe legs, don't worry. You can do it! 


The name of the game is Chase the Jet Ski. Once you are up, the way to keep going it to chase the jet ski like a dog chases its tail. 

I did that a few times then crashed. Good thing about crashing in the water is it doesn't hurt. One of the things I found most unusual was that the crashing was actually one of the fun parts. You get a good rhythm and when you accidentally slack then feel yourself going, its a feeling similar to when you are on a roller coaster and you creep up to the edge then slide over for the big fall. Adrenaline, I loved it!

The more I fell the better I got. My jet ski operator was so wonderful, every time I would fall he would give me the reason why I fell and give me a pointer on how to correct my mistake. 

I found this very efficient and by the end of my session I was chasing that jet ski like a pro! Well maybe not a pro, but I felt like I did a pretty dang good job! 

Disclaimer- I've written this next part a handful of times because I just can't find the right words to explain it - Maybe it’s unexplainable - but I’ll do my best! 

There is a magic that comes with using a flyboard! The hydro power beneath my feet, being elevated over the water, gliding over the water with ease, the amazing vantage point, using my body to propel forward without moving my legs and walking. I’m not going to say I felt like Jesus because that may be pushing it, but I will say, saying that crossed my mind! 

When my time was up, I mermaid/AquaMan/dolphin trainer'd it back to shore with a new favourite water sport. 

Lets chalk it up to this-

HydroFly and their flyboards are so stinkin cool. You’ve got to give it a go! 1 minute and you’ll be hooked. I promise! 


By Marleigh Kelly