Gold Coast Island Buggy Tours


You guys, Gold Coast Island Buggy Tours really knows what they are doing when it comes to fun! 

Owners Amanda and Hamish have combined 5 super fun excursions in 1 totally awesome tour! 

The day started at Marina Mirage. After filling out the obligatory safety paperwork we loaded onto the boat taking us to South Stradbroke Island. The boat was very nice, clean with ample seating and a stocked fridge. It was a beautiful 35 min boat ride to Stradbroke Island. If you haven't spent much time exploring the Gold Coast’s waterways you are going to love this part of the tour. Seeing the Gold Coast from the water was such a treat. The ride took us past all the boats in the marina, some of the Gold Coasts most luxurious real estate and along the mangroves.

We docked at McLarens Landing on the island. There we took a quick peek around the tiki huts and beach before starting our Segway tour. 

After a brief Segway safety demo, each person proved they had the basics of Segway covered, and we were off!  A track looped through the bush where we all sped through on our Segways with huge smiles on our faces. As my big Segway wheels rolled over bumpy roots and took me gliding through the woods I felt like a low flying bird. That was the first of a few times I heard someone say “I feel like a kid again!” and it was true! Helmets, adrenaline and fun! It felt like being a kid again!
Speaking of kids, There were people of all ages on this tour. The youngest looked to be about 8 and had no problems using the Segway! 


After the Segway we loaded into a tent to watch a video on buggy safety. 

Once we all passed our safety test (safety first!), we helmeted up and strapped in. 

Island Buggy Tours got a BRAND NEW fleet of UTV’s and I was lucky enough to take part in their maiden voyage! Ooooh, these things were sexy! Sparkling cherry red and ready to roll! 

We took off on a trail through the woods that lead us to the beach. We went down a huge sand dune which was scary but fun, then rode down the beaches of Stradbroke Island. These buggies were fast! We reached speeds up to 50kph before our first stop. On foot, we climbed to the top of a dune where we got a good look at the island and surrounding mangroves. Here Hamish gave us the fascinating history of the Island. 

We headed back down the beach in our buggies until we reached a sand dune perfect for sand boarding. It looked simple enough. Hang on and slide. When I got to the top of the dune and looked down... boy was it intimating! I kneeled down and got in position. 1…2…GO! I went screaming down the dune. Mouth wide and full of sand, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve done. The ride goes by quick so we all headed back up the dune for another go. Once was defiantly not enough! (Daredevils don't be fooled by the photos, it was more intimidating than it looks! ) 

From there we got back on our buggies headed down the beach and back into the bush. We had a good trail ride seeing wallabies and the lush beauty of the island before we got to our final destination, Tipplers Bar. 

This was the free time part of the tour with options to hang at the bar or have a swim. 

I had a bit of a swim before I decided it was time for a refreshing beer. 

Relaxed, dirty and reeling from fun, we all loaded back on the boat for the journey home. Amanda tells me that its not uncommon to see dolphins on the boat rides! 

No dolphins that day, but it was still a beautiful sunny ride back. 


I’m telling you, If you want a day to remember, this is the way to go!


By Marleigh Kelly