The Chef's Daughter

The Chef’s Daughter is serving up killer dumplings! 

It felt good being at The Chef’s Daughter. It was bright and airy, decorated well and inviting. 

Located just around the corner from Robina Town Centre on Arbour Ave, it’s in a great location but far enough away from the centre that you lose the crowds and find a peacefulness. 

I made myself comfortable at a table towards the back so I could watch the chefs work through the large window opening to the kitchen. 

I browsed the menu. It had Australian classics like a big brekkie, avo smash, and a ham and cheese sammie, but what made this place stand out was the asian inspired dishes they also offered. Fried rice, curry and my fave, dumplings. 

I wanted to try a bit of everything so I started with the homemade corn and chicken dumplings. It was a generous portion of 8 dumplings and they were delicious! Pan fried, crispy on the bottom but the top retained the softness that comes with steaming a dumpling. The corn was a wonderful addition; with every crunchy corn pop a mild sweetness was released. I may be mistaken, but I believe corn is foreign in the dumpling world. I hope it becomes a trend and sticks! 

The next dumpling I tried was the Daughter's Favourite, spinach, feta and sun dried tomato. An unusual flavour combination for a dumpling, but not an unusual flavour combination. It was, as always with that flavour combo, delightful. Reminiscent of a pizza pocket. YUM! 

From there I tried the avo smash. What I really liked about their avo smash was that it was put together in perfect portions. The toast, avocado, feta, and tomatoes were all added in a way that none of the ingredients competed. They all simply worked together so every bite had the perfect ratio. Crunchy toast on the bottom, creamy avo and feta in the middle and crunchy tomato on top. Nothing fancy, just simple and good. 

Next was a homemade granola, fruit and yoghurt bowl. The granola was crunchy, the fruit was sweet and the yogurt was creamy. It was a perfect summer meal- nice, cool, fresh and filling. 

I capped off my eating spree with an iced latte, one of the many coffee varieties available at The Chef’s Daughter. It was a delectable end to a flavourful afternoon.

The Chef’s Daughter is open for breakfast and lunch Tues - Sun. 

Go try the chicken and corn dumplings. You won't regret it!