REaD Cafe


New eateries are popping up on the Gold Coast all the time, but often seem to fall victim to copy cat. What you don't see very often is a new place opening up that is unlike any other place already on the Gold Coast. 

REaD Cafe on Paradise Island is a breath of fresh air. 

The concept of bookstore cum cafe-lounge isn't new, but it’s new to us. Outfitted in English Vintage this kid friendly yet quiet cafe is the perfect place to hang out read a book and enjoy locally sourced treats. 

As I walked in to the cafe and immediately noticed how large the space was. In the centre of the room there was a family sized table with communal jigsaw puzzle. A cozy reading nook complete with electric fireplace sat off to the side, a full sized beer and wine bar towards the back, and a huge outdoor patio adjacent to the Nerang River wrapped around the other side. 

Aside from great space, REaD Cafe offers something tasty to please everyone. Everything on the menu is sourced locally or comes from within Australia which makes all the food and beverages extremely fresh. 

I started with a cappuccino from a roaster out of Currumbin; It was incredibly smooth. It came in a large mug and at only $3.50 its’s a steal; it even came with a little biscuit hunk!  

For lunch I had a herb and lamb pie which was came fresh from a Gold Coast bakery. The crust was flaky and sprinkled with the perfect amount of herbs. The hearty lamb filling was comfortingly delicious and tasted homemade; paired with the mint jelly on the side, it was the feel good meal I had been craving! My pie came with a side salad that was crisp and fresh. The tomatoes popped in my mouth, and the lettuce crunched with every bite. It was so fresh that if they told me the veggies were just picked from a garden outback I would have believed them. 

I ended my lunch with a piece of cheese cake, one of the many desserts available. It was delectable, dense and creamy with a crumbly graham cracker crust. And here's the kicker, all that food and under $20! 

If you are looking for something a little heavier than coffee you can find some of the Gold Coast’s best local brews and wines at the bar.

Around the cafe packed bookshelves had items for borrow or purchase. Keeping with the locally sourced theme, all books for sale at REaD are written by Australian authors. Owner Vicki Kersey explained that she hopes REaD Cafe will turn into the Gold Coast’s next spot for the art and community gatherings. On the horizon are book launches, trivia nights, slam poetry readings, acoustic music and more.

Follow REaD Cafe on Facebook to keep an eye out for future happenings! I know I will!


By: Marleigh Kelly