Stingray Lounge's Man Tea

High Tea has long been a tradition enjoyed by the ladies, but QT Stingray has thrown a curveball and added a little something for the fellas.


Hello, Man Tea! 

To quote their promotional material, “The Gents High Tea- Man Tea…Very manly. Not much tea.”

Infact there is no tea at all. They go straight for the good stuff! 

If you haven't checked out Stingray Lounge inside one of the Gold Coast’s hottest hotels QT, put it at the top of your list! 

I went last Friday afternoon for Man Tea

Ordering the Man Tea is a no brainer at Stingray Lounge. It's chocked full of good food and good booze. 

There are two options available; $39 per person for the Man Tea package and $55 per person for Man Tea package with alcohol. 

I went with the alcohol package. 

There is a plentiful array of alcohol to choose from, but I started with a bourbon on the rocks. 

The service was great! Practically 2 seconds after I ordered, my drink arrived. 

I settled into my spot on the long booth against the wall. As I sipped my drink I was thoroughly impressed with how stylish everything was. 

Between the mid century modern decor and dress to impress dress code, Stingray bar could have easily been a set from Mad Men. 

The food arrived on a long paddle and was artfully positioned atop news print. 

Each dish had extraordinary flavour. The truffle fries were crispy, hot and addicting. The truffle flavour was predominate and smooth. I started with those and had a hard time breaking away to sample the next item.

I decided I would move down the board as it was presented and have a bite of everything instead of devouring each item one at a time.  

Next was the Mini Man Burger. A soft brioche bun held a wagyu patty topped with smoked bacon, pickled zucchini and double cheese. The flavourful meat and sharp cheese were classically delicious, but what really stood out was the pickled zucchini. It took this mini burger from good to “Oh my gosh, why is this burger so tasty?” good.

Although it was only a slider, it's now on my favourite burgers list.

Next was a mini meat pie. There was a vial of house made pepper sauce sticking out of the pie, you squeeze it in as much or as little as you want just before you eat it. Holding the sauce out of the pie until the last second was a brilliant idea. The pastry never got soggy. As I bit past the flaky crust the tender steak and pepper sauce poured onto your tongue and the pastry stayed firm. It was a beautiful rendition of an Australian classic. 

This next item was a game changer for me. hands down, one the best flavours I’ve found on the Gold Coast.The Man Pastry.
A savoury black pepper and parmesan donut topped with a whipped horseradish cream and rare roasted dry aged beef.The donut was dense, soft and subtly sweet. The parmesan flavour was strong enough to hold its own against the fresh horseradish cream and the texture added by the beef made this donut so much more than just a donut. As the flavours rolled around my mouth and down my oesophagus I was wishing for more. If they would have given me 100, I could have eaten 101. 

Last was the Bait Bucket. A nice breakup from the ever savoury flavours earlier presented on the board. Thick chunks of freshly caught prawn were mixed into a cocktail of avocado, heirloom tomatoes, ice berg lettuce, and Marie Rose Sauce. It was a dish was served chilled making it lite and refreshing. 

After stuffing myself to the brim enjoying every last crumb, my waitress refilled my drink and asked when I would like dessert. I said about 20 minutes because I needed a little time to let the feeling of fullness subside. 

A relaxing 20 minutes later the chef brought out a bowl covered by a glass dome. The Grand Finale! As he removed the dome smoke drifted away revealing a Coveture chocolate cigar. 

It was filled with a bourbon semifreddo. Candied bacon was placed on the tip of the cigar which was then placed on a small pile of lemon ash giving a very realistic illusion that it was a real lit cigar. 

The chocolate had absorbed the flavours of the smoke and mixed well with the bourbon semifreddo. The candied bacon had been chopped into little pieces and were salty sweet. I had never tried lemon ash before Friday, but it tasted just as it sounds, citrusy and smokey. It was a flavour combination unlike anything I have ever tried and and will not easily be forgotten. A rich ending to a delicious afternoon. 

I can not recommend Man Tea highly enough. Grab the boys and head over for an afternoon of good food, good booze, and good atmosphere. 

Available everyday from 12-6

For bookings email


By: Marleigh Kelly