The Neighbourhood Breakdown

Here it is- the simple neighbourhood breakdown you out-of-towners have been waiting for!

Ahhhh the Gold Coast...

As the years go by, the Gold Coast grows bigger and bigger. Planning a trip to “The Gold Coast” is a pretty broad plan. We’ve got your neighbourhood guide to help you plan the perfect stay!


A quieter neighbourhood, both Labrador and Southport are good places for a nice relaxing stay. 

It’s sprinkled with a few shops and eateries, but is lacking in walkability. You’ll have to take a short drive to the beach.

If you are bringing the kiddies, BroadWater Parklands is a great place to spend the afternoon. 

Our Favourite Spot: 

Labrador: Charis Seafoods 

Southport: Vinnie’s Italian Restaurant


Main Beach

Main Beach will keep you out of the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise but still keep you entertained.

North Main Beach has the beautiful marina which has lots of places to eat and shop and some pretty luxe hotels. The beach is walking distance, but all in all, it’s a fairly quiet stretch of sand. 

South Main Beach is also quiet but is only a short bike to the marina or Surfers Paradise.

Our Favourite Spot: 

Main Beach North: Fishermans Wharf 

Main Beach South - Beaches off Tedder


Surfers Paradise

Surfers is the heart the Gold Coast. It’s the most lively of all the neighbourhoods and also the most crowded. Everything you need is within walking distance, and there is plenty of variety. It’s a great spot if you are looking to leave your car parked for your stay and have a lot of fun. Surfers is the place if you are looking for a “toursty” stay. People from all over the world come to bathe on the Surfers Paradise beaches, but locals usually steer clear. If you are looking for the entertainment to be at your doorstep, Surfers is the neighbourhood for you.

Our Favourite Spot: House of Brews 



A bit smaller than surfers but still offers lots of variety. Broadbeach has plenty of restaurants and shops in walking distance to keep you busy for a few days. It’s a short bike ride to Surfers if you need more to do. Broadbeach is a really nice area for couples looking to have some nice beach days and some really good food. The casino is located here too. Cha-ching! 

Our Favourite Spot: Mamasan 


Mermaid / Nobby Beach

Quieter beaches and great spots to eat, but pretty spread out. Nobby’s Beach has a great little cluster of eateries and shops but you will defiantly need wheels to get around this part of town. It’s home to some of the local’s favourite hangouts though! 

Our Favourite Spot: 

Mermaid: BamBam Bakehouse

Nobby Beach: Gemellini 

Miami / Burleigh Heads

Miami is mostly residential but has several nice boutique shops and eateries along the Gold Coast Highway. It’s only a short bike ride to Burleigh. 

Burleigh is a very relaxed beach neighbourhood chocked full of things to see and places to go. The grass along the beach creates a great spot for a picnic. There are plenty of shops and places to eat bundled together and there is a beautiful scenic walking trail that will take you around Burleigh hill. This is a great neighbourhood to relax and eat well. 

Our Favourite Spot:

Miami: Miami Marketta 

Burleigh: Justin Lane

Tallebudgera / Palm Beach

Mostly Residential with quieter beaches. This area of the Gold Coast is good for just taking it easy. 

There are a few spots to grab a feed and shop, but has limited walkability.

Our favourite spot: 


Palm Beach: Lester & Earl 


A really great neighbourhood to play in the water. It’s got the stunning beach, but Currumbin Creek is one of the most fun spots to spend a day on the water. This laid back part of town is mostly residential, but an amazing place to spend some time doing water sports. It’s not great for walking, but there are several places to have a shop and grab a meal after a day on the water. You’ll just need to drive from place to place. If you decided to stay somewhere more touristy, I suggest making a trip over here to have a play. 

Our Favourite Spot: Elephant Rock Cafe


Kirra and Coolangatta are practically one in the same. This is a very nice section of the Gold Coast. Home to some of the Coast’s best surf, it’s very laid back but still has plenty going on. Directly across from the beach are hotels, shops and restaurants snuggly put together making it ideal for the tourist on foot. This is defiantly the spot for a relaxed weekend of baking in the sun with a full belly. 

Our Favourite Spot: The Coolangatta Hotel 

All in all, each neighbourhood has something nice to offer. Do yourself a favour and take a drive from tip to tip and see for yourself! 


By: Marleigh Kelly