Putt Putt Golf Mermaid Beach


Old Fashioned Fun, Fun For All Ages, A Good Time For The Whole Family, Classic. 

Those are truly the phrases needed to describe the magically good time I had on my visit to Putt Putt Mermaid! 

A Gold Coast Classic, plain and simple! 

Upon arrival you immediately get the “this place was made for fun” feeling. Bright colours pop in every direction and big fake animals stare you down to let you know they are ready to make you miss that shot. 

To get started, you grab your putter and ball you are presented with 3 choices. 1 The Jungle Trail, 2 The Fun run and 3 Water Ways.

Jungle Trail was first.  I failed miserably as I tried to hit my little pink golf ball through the Zebras legs and into the hole. Putt Putt was harder than I thought. It was comical how horrendous I was at this seemingly simple activity. 

House rules state that after 5 swings if you still don't get your ball in the hole you must move on and mark your score as 6. (1 is best 6 is worst) Hole one, score 6. (cough cough) I’m just warming up. 

Moving on…

With each turn came new obstacles. New animals distracting you from making that shot but in the most cheerful of ways, and new bumps and barriers blocking the little ball from finding its home in the hole.


I quickly learned my Putt Putt skills were atrocious and weren't going to improve but I barely cared because something made it so exciting anyway. I’m not sure if it was how smooth the fake grass looked, how thrilling it was to see which animal was waiting around the next corner or just the overwhelming feelings of nostalgia and fun, but that something, that intangible something about being here made it hard for me to stop smiling. 

Have you ever been so excited to be somewhere that you wanted to run because you couldn't contain your bubbly fun feelings? That's what happened to me at Putt Putt Mermaid. It made we want to literally skip/run to the next hole. 

I had officially become an overly excited kid! 

When I got to the 18th hole on the Jungle Trail and my ball disappeared down the “game over hole” I was having too much fun to call it a day. On to the next one!


I moved on to the next course with bells on -Waterways. 

It was as it sounds. Connected by bridges, greens and holes lay over and beside waterways filled with fountains, colourful lights and water animals. This course was fun because the fear that I would lose my ball to the water made me step up my game. 

Somehow on the Jungle Trail I missed the spinning wheel of challenges (you spin a dial and are presented with a challenge for that hole). I paid more attention on this course. Spin 1. Hit the ball with the wrong end of the putter. I did better than expected with that challenge and that simple little changeup was super fun. The next challenge was to putt with your eyes closed. That was fantastically silly. The last spin I had was to use my hand to roll the ball towards the hole. It was then that I got my first and only HOLE IN ONE!  


Around all the courses were stops for added fun. A “face in hole” photo board graced each course.  My favourite was the shark and mermaid!

Sadly after the Waterways course I had run out of time and had to get going, but I know I’ll go back! 

There were so many things to love about this place, but my favourite had to be how genuinely happy everyone on the course seemed to be. Young, old, and in-between, there was nothing but smiles covering all the faces. 

An afternoon well spent!

By Marleigh Kelly