Parkwood International Golf Course

Parkwood International Golf Course: Boulders & Badlands Mini Golf & Eden Restaurant

If you are anything like me, then planning activities to entertain the kids for the school holidays (well for any time really) can be brain draining.

Fortunately for me I decided to use the voucher form the Gold Coast Tourist Magazine and take the kids to Boulders and Badlands Mini Golf at Parkwood International Golf Course and it was a HIT!


The 18 holes of mini golf is a high quality course that really challenges the kids (meaning you don't fly through it in 2 mins – the kids really get into it). The whole family had a ball and due to the size of the course we didn't have to wait at each hole for the previous players to finish, which is always a good thing!

Our day time experience was so great that we just had to come back again the week later and try the course of a night time. Night time Mini Golf – a must do! This was a blast as it put a whole new perspective on the course and was something different yet the same activity.

The added bonus this time was treating ourselves to dinner and drinks in Eden Restaurant after the game. And what a treat it was. The food was fabulous (I highly recommend ordering some pizzas to share for entrée first). Not only were we relaxing with our wine, the kids were also yet again entertained. They loved the outdoor play area with the massive blackboards if they wanted to get creative.

Once it got a little too chilly for being outside, the friendly and attentive staff brought to the table a little container of coloured pencils and pictures for the kids to colour – PERFECT!

Well done to Parkwood International Golf Coursefor offering the perfect family outing! The mini golf is unique, the atmosphere is lovely, the food and wine is top quality and the overall experience is highly recommended.