Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant

If you have never visited the famous Gold Coast institution that is Draculas Cabaret Restaurant, it is certainly time that you do!

Their new show 'Bloodbath' has just opened and is another outstanding theatrical extravaganza to feed the senses.

Your night begins as soon as you enter the realm of the haunting castle in the heart of Broadbeach. The purpose-built castle is decorated with fine detail that intrigues unbeknown guests as to the antics that are to ensue inside. Even before you enter, Draculette's (the name given to the enthusiastic wait staff) are on hand to entertain you, preying on unsuspecting visitors with their witty banter and circus theatrics.


As you enter the castle, you soon realise that this is far beyond a stage show, but you have already been engulfed into the Dracula's world. If you thought the outside of the castle looked like a spooky, haunted house, just wait til you see what awaits you inside!

Ascending the replica Titanic staircase to the Van Helsing Cocktail Bar, you will find many an interesting exhibit to examine and marvel at, but it won't be too long til you discover the eclectic cocktail menu. As a self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur, Dracula's delectable range of original concoctions are something to revere.

With drink in hand, you are now ready to board the legendary Ghost Train. Some choose to close their eyes and duck into their partners arms, others giggle in delight at the surprises around every corner, either way, it's a memorable ride.

Upon entry to the Theatre of the Vampire, a Draculette escorts you to your table. Your tasty entrée awaits you, and for the amount of people that the venue caters to, the food is of a very high standard indeed. As you peruse through the extensive cocktail list, with names like Bleeding Heart and Cyberghost, they are simply impossible to resist.

As soon as the theatre is filled, the new show 'Bloodbath' begins with a bang. Its smaller bite sized clusters of daring variety acts certainly doesn't disappoint. A fantastic new addition to the show are the Draculettes entertaining the crowd throughout the night. There are many bright young stars amongst the waiters and they are now able to show off some quirky stunts and acts of their own. The draculettes certainly add energy to the atmosphere and encourage some lively crowd interaction.

The amazingly detailed theatre costumes featured in the show are enough to amaze the most eager of fashion design students. Much credit must be given to the team that put these amazing ensembles together. They certainly rival any Las Vegas or Parisian cabaret show, drawing from an edgier rock risqué design yet more modern that the typical feather showgirls.

In addition to the costumes, the unbelievable sets for each skit, performance and song, are clever and creative. Crowd favourites the glow puppets, have returned but in a much larger scale, for all those who have loved this performance in the past. But without giving too much away, the acts have taken on an adult-only burlesque theme since the last show, returning to the original concept for Dracula's.

Burlesque in recent years has had somewhat of a resurgence, made popular by famous acts like Dita von Teese, The Pussy Cat Dolls and the movie 'Burlesque' with Christina Aguilera and Cher. With the consistent beautiful female cast members, it is only natural that Dracula's would progress with this trend and include some very well thought out acts of this nature. The performances are certainly more risqué than in previous shows, yet beautiful to watch.

Of course Dracula's continues with its popular high flying acts of wonderful guitarist Dave 'Kamikaze' Kume and aerial contortionist Megan Barry-Cotter. Megan is certainly a highlight and a sight to behold. Since the last show, there is certainly an increase in her articulated aerial performances, which are a perfect match for this circus-burlesque theme.

Dracula's experienced performers Rudi Testa (Vlad) and Richard Macionis (Spine) keep up the comedy sketches that this vivacious duo are well-known for. The rapport between these two mischievous comedians reveals years of experience working together and they certainly know how to hook a crowd!

With the new cabaret format, constant unrestrained entertainment and highly acclaimed dining experience, you are sure to enjoy 'Bloodbath', the notoriously naughty show from Dracula's.

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