Jet Ski Safaris

by Filipa Scott

 When your boss calls everyone into the office for a meeting, you instantly think something is wrong. Fortunately this was not the case. 

“Don’t worry, I’m just letting you know what you need to wear for our team lunch tomorrow,” Carly states.


“You will need to wear togs (swimmers), we’re going jet skiing,” Carly calmly mentions.

 “Oh wow,” I am excited and nervous, I had never been on a jet ski! 

 I have a sailing (slow-paced) background so this will be completely different.

 As soon as you enter the Jet Ski Safaris hut headquarters, you immediately feel the relaxed vibe. We arrived 15 mins prior to our booking to have owner Adrian run through the necessary ‘road’ rules as we are in control of our own aquatic roadsters. 

The important run through included the No.1 rule of “Look out and be aware of your surroundings”.  This rule in particular rewarded me early on as I spotted a pod of dolphins while on ‘safari’. (Another excited “Oh wow”.)


Initially we set out a little apprehensive, trying to gauge how to control this wild water beast but after a simple test, we had it tamed and handed over our ‘licence to drive’ slip to our guide Charles (just in time to pose for the official photographer too!).

 The feeling of freedom, out on the water with the wind through your hair and the power in your own hands was amazing! We were soon racing as fast as we could, pushing this machine as hard as we could. We were carving up the water, going through imaginary chicanes, making our own waves - it was so much fun! More “oh wows”!

 Our ‘pit stop’ at Tipplers was a chance to rest and recount our awesomeness on the water. “How cool was it when you go over the waves!”, “Did you get salt spray in your eyes?” and “What was your top speed?” (BTW my top speed was 72kph = AWESOME! and I recommend grabbing a pair of those wraparound sunnies they have on offer to protect your eyes from the sun and spray.).

 At this great island stopover you can also hand feed wallabies, relax on the beach or replenish any thirst you may have earned!

 Re-energised and ready to roll out once again, the return trip took us on a different path, through some of the Gold Coast’s prestige waterfront mansions, under bridges and through water ‘crossroads’.  Another uncontrollable “oh”, as we jump (I use the term loosely) the wake of other cruisers.

 Making our own tracks back home included a few 360’s from our adventurous crew before winding down to the slow speed of 6 knots to dock the beasts back in their stables.

 This has been one of my most memorable ‘work’ days ever!

 My final verdict: I want to go again (with a GoPro this time!)