Cloud 9 Seaplanes

When it was first suggested that I should go on a Gold Coast Scenic Flight with Cloud 9 Seaplanes, I instantly hesitated, as my anxiety and fear of flying set in. I am hopeless on planes! 

I told pilot Peter how I felt and his humoured reply and naturally friendly manner put me at ease. So I agreed to take the plunge and join him the following week. With comments like “The best day ever!”, “Wish we could do this again!” and “Amazing experience.” repeatedly posted on Cloud 9‘s Facebook page, some of these people had to be right.

I settled back more comfortably into my seat and started to appreciate this unique and amazing experience. We were up in the air so quickly, I couldn’t even remember what I was worrying about.

The scenery was in one word, stunning. We flew over the fishermen at the Spit, the tourist lapping up the gorgeous beaches, the magnificent high-rises of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach and the glorious waterways snaking throughout the suburbs. We even flew over my house – cool!

I was thinking to myself – ‘I have lived on the Coast for over 20 years. Why haven’t I done this before? I need to tell my friends’ (which of course I did).


The day of the flight was a gorgeous Gold Coast winter morning but the wind was up, hence so was my anxiety. However, when I met Peter to board the seaplane at the Seaworld Resort watersports building, there was no turning back.

Peter sensed the level of my fear and managed to disperse my hesitation quickly as the propellers started up and we taxied gently out across the beautiful Broadwater, slowly weaving our way through the yachts and boats. I tried to stay focussed on his safety talk and the view, putting in the back of mind the moment to come, take off!

When a clear channel of water was ahead, the propellers sped up and we were gracefully skimming across the water. It was at this point when my fear completely subsided. Wind – what wind? This take off was the smoothest, calmest and most picturesque that I have ever experienced. The mixture of the water, the style of plane and the pilot made all the difference. WOW!

I want to thank Peter for taking me on this fabulous scenic flight and would recommend it as one of the best things to do, not only for Gold Coast visitors but for the locals as well. It is a truly unique experience and one you will not regret.

I hear Peter also does flights with a romantic picnic included, I hope my husband reads this, hint, hint!